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Turned Down Elsewhere? We Can Help Get Fast Loan Approval!

Image5 Current Market Conditions And Stricter Qualifications Causing Loans To Be Turned Down By Other Underwriters Or Lenders?  Get Fast Approvals And Fast Fundings With Us Despite Being Turned Down Elsewhere!

Current market conditions and stricter qualifications causing loans to be turned down by other Underwriters or Lenders?  Get fast approvals and fast fundings with us despite being turned down elsewhere!

Call us today at 707-523-2099 or visit our website at www.sunpacificmortgage.com with questions or scenarios and we’ll let you know how we can help – just like we were able to do in the below examples:


Recently Turned Down Loans From Others – Approved & Funded By Us

Location:  Santa Cruz County
Finance Program:  Bridge Purchase
Loan Size:  865k
Days to Close:  9
Why Needed Us:  Came to us after being turned away by conventional lender on the 19th day of a 30 day Escrow, because had bought a business vehicle which affected their debt to income ratios just enough to get them unqualified.

Location:  Sacramento County
Finance Program:  Investment Property Refinance
Loan Size:  762k
Days to Close: 14
Why Needed Us:  Needed cash to make necessary repairs before listing property for sale to get a higher return.

Location: Los Angeles, Los Angeles County
Finance Program:  Primary Residence Business Purpose Refinance
Loan Size:  677k
Days to Close:  16
Why Needed Us:  Needed capital to handle high credit business debts and  repair credit.

We Offer FAST Financing; We Finance Owner Occupied & Investment Properties. We Can Finance Despite Credit Issues, Property Condition & Difficult To Prove Income;

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