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What Clients Say

What Brokers, Loan Originators, & Real Estate Agents Say:

For those of you out in the ‘burbs who don’t know, this is the BEST company for closing real estate loans fast. This was my second loan through Sun Pacific. Broker & his team are the real deal. They won’t waste your f’ing time with endless contingencies etc and they are very up/ front about their terms, which are very realistic and competitive. As a bonus, they are genuinely nice people to deal with which trips me out. Having been in the biz for a while, I’ve found that I either can have things be easy going or efficient but not both. Broker, Team, Team, Yasmine et Al are both. Thank you for swinging the deals!”

Agent, N.P. 
April 29, 2023

“Hi Team, Thank you for a fantastic funding and closing! It has been a pleasure working with your team. ” –

B.C., Bay Area Escrow
March 30, 2023

“It feels great being able to help someone back on track after others tell them “no”. Every now and then, we all need 2nd chances.  I couldn’t have done it without you guys.

Thanks.” – J.L. Broker ,
March 29, 2023

“I like the way you guys work and it was a pleasure. Will definitely send you other loans that come across my desk. Appreciate you both, Broker and Loan Originator!” –

Mortgage Broker, S.K. –
Jan 25, 2023

“Hi guys!!  I definitely always keep your name in mind if I hear of someone who needs help for a transaction that can’t work conventionally.

“Wishing you the best 2023 with lots of escrows together.  We love you guys!!”

G.I. –
Escrow Officer, Jan 19, 2023

Congratulations Broker to you and your family. 35 years operating is not an easy thing to do which means that you guys are great people and good lenders. Cheers to you guys.

A.T., Mortgage Broker ,
Jan 12, 2023

You guys are the best!!!!!

Sonoma County Realtor, A.C.
Jan 11, 2023

“Loan Originator and her team did a great job with my client. Loan Originator even has staff who are bilingual and ready to jump in when necessary. Can’t wait to use Sun Pacific again.”

Manny Lopez – W Real Estate,
Nov 8, 2022

“I work for a private lender and we (you and I) have talked before but it’s been some time. We don’t do Consumer Loans but I remembered that your team does, and you all are just well-known for being great to work with.”

M.A. – California Private Loan Originator
June 27 2022

“I love working with you all. Fun and professional and timely!”

Sonoma County Escrow Officer B.W.,
May 9, 2022

“Everyone there is fast too communicate and easy to work with. When my clients needed help, and needed help for tough loans, they came through! I look forward to working with Loan Originator, Broker, and the whole Sun Pac team in the future.”

Ethan Adler, Referring Lender
April 29, 2022

“I am not good at putting up reviews on a regular basis, but just needed to share that Loan Originator at Sun Pacific Mortgage gets a 5 star from me, as she did a phenomenal job with my client in a last minute do or die scenario. When other lenders were not performing, I was given Loan Originator’s number and she literally in about a week, found the needed investors and got the deal done! She even worked on her vacation, which included getting on and off planes, while at the same time keeping all informed with her excellent communication skills. I would give her more business in a heartbeat! Thanks again Loan Originator for a job well done!”

Patty Moore, RE/MAX Marketplace Real Estate Agent
January 21, 2022

“If I need hard money you know I’ll call you first.”

M.S., Sonoma County Real Estate Agent
Dec 2 2021

“A 13 day turn around is awesome! Would love to work with you and your team again. Looking forward to it :-)”

Mortgage Broker, H.Z.

“[My Clients] went on record. They are ecstatic! You are phenomenal! If I ever need a private lender again, there is no where else I am going. Thanks for being the best!!!!”

Patty, Sonoma County Realtor
October 29,2021

“You guys are great and I think your fees are fair and you do your best.”

California Broker  D.D.

“Sun Pacific is the ‘go to’ company for private $$$. They are professional and quick.  If someone does not qualify for a mortgage bank loan, See Broker and Loan Originator – these options could convert a buyer into a Homeowner!”

R.F. – long time local Loan Originator,

“Wow Broker, thank you so much ! I can’t begin to tell you how amazed I am by your whole process and professionalism. You guys really set the bar and exceeded it . Not only were you fast as lightning (Superman ) but your helpfulness and overall just being nice to work with is so unexpected especially when it comes to hard money as I’m sure you know it’s not the status quo that we encounter when it comes to Hard money where its rush, rush , unfriendly , and take-it-or-leave-it attitude. You are for sure my GO-TO Hard Money lender. In fact, if I can’t send it to you, I don’t want to do it now 😊 . “

Senior Loan Consultant, TCG

“I cannot recommend Broker highly enough for private money. I have had clients who have used his services and they are absolutely delighted… I cannot recommend a private money lender more highly.”

Sonoma County Realtor N.G.

“Thank you for all your help with this loan.  You have really provided me with tremendous help! I couldn’t have made this whole real estate deal happen without you.”

Real Estate Agent, R.I.

“Good to know you are tried, true, and always there!!”

Russian River Realtor, M.M.

“Definitely get the job done when alternate lending is needed! Highly recommend!”

San Francisco Real Estate Agent, Mark S.

“You are the model for hard work and positive attitude.”

Brad, California Broker

“We love working with you. Thank you for all you do for us Broker, and I look forward to even bigger and better things in 2021!”

Loan Originator, D.C.

“Excellent Service!”

Realtor, B.C.

“What I liked most about working with you was your SPEED. My borrowers/clients were happily satisfied. You are our go-to for Owner Occupied hard money, so I definitely refer you to anyone!”

Bank Acct Manager, E.G. 

“These guys are great to work with.”

Mortgage Broker, E.S.

“I was shopping around for a hard money loan for the administrator of an estate and wasn’t getting much interest from the other hard money lenders, and spoke with Broker a number of times about the concept and was impressed by his approach and knowledge. The loan I was shopping for did not go forward, but when I decided to get back into investing in trust deeds, I thought of Sun Pacific.”

Real Estate Broker, J.M.

“Thank you Sun Pacific for always being there for me and my clients.”

Realtor, K.B.

“Solid and reliable source of hard money funding.”

Mortgage Broker – M.C.S.

“Broker has assisted in many complicated transactions which enables us to get to the finish line for our clients. Very professional and knowledgeable.”

D.D.F. – Realtor Sonoma County

“Only place I go for ‘Hard’ Money”.

Sonoma County Realtor – C.B.

I had 2 other lenders bite on this deal that I haven’t worked with, literally yesterday.  I could have made more with at least one of them, but you guys give me peace of mind and certainty of execution.  That’s what’s most important here so when I was told we’re getting ready to prep docs, that’s what easily made us go with you guys.  Easy decision.


Broker – J.R.

Looking forward to working on more deals together.  Broker and his team were a pleasure to work with, his turn times were super fast. We had no issues during the process and everything was exactly how he said it would be. Will be sending many more clients to Broker and his team. Thanks again Broker!

Tim B., Broker AMG

Broker, thank you for the speed and attention you give to everything.

CEO/Broker, Jay Kister

I appreciate your underwriting efficiency, communication and ability to close within 5 days.  We will surely work together again in the near future.

D.M. – Broker

Broker, this is my 3rd file with you in less than 30 days and each interaction with you has been pleasant, casual, professional and I’ve had nothing but praises for you and Sun Pacific. I’m looking forward to much continued business with you and Sun Pac.

Broker – Donnie M.

Thank you as well Broker! You have no idea how happy you made this client. Distressed situations are ever easy, but you really did make it as quick and easy as possible. (And this was not an easy transaction so THANK YOU!)  More to come!

Lender, Elise B.

Broker, we did it again.  I love your quick turnaround/process and am also looking forward to closing more transactions with you.

Broker, Donnie M.

This is my 3rd file with you Broker, in less than 30 days, and each interaction with you has been pleasant, casual, professional and I’ve had nothing but praises for you and Sun Pacific.   I’m looking forward to much continued business with you and Sun Pac.

D.M. – Broker

You are easy to work with and you get the job done.  I know early on IF you can do the deal or not and then not much changes to Closing.  Together I KNOW that we are doing clients a great service from their thank you’s.

Broker, John F.

I know if anyone can help, it is Sun Pacific. You are quick and clean. Thanks.

Loan Originator – Sylvia R.

Hi Broker. I use you and Broker because you produce quality loans at fair rates.  I like the fact that your staff is fast and knowledgeable.

Jim, Broker & Investor

I continue to refer to you because you do owner occupied deals and are friendly.  Seems like a family business and I like the vibe.

Jackelyn G., Lender

I like to work with Broker because he is very responsive which is really great.  You are also fast.

CEO/Broker, Jay K.

“Broker has assisted in many complicated transactions which enables us to get to the finish line for our clients. Very professional and knowledgeable.”

Doug D – Sonoma County

“I have to say thank you, to you and Team for closing the loan there in Sacramento.  The borrower was going sideways on me and Team’s super human efforts kept us on track so that the borrower could refinance into a better loan.   Again, special thanks to you and your Loan Processors – you are an amazing team.”

Broker, Ed

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What Borrowers Say:

“I must say that my experience with Sun Pacific Mortgage was amazing!!!….5 stars!!! Their team worked quickly, friendly & quite efficiently to secure my beautiful home for my family..They’re THE BEST! Sun Pacific Mortgage is the team to choose!” – very happy borrower,

April 21, 2023

“Hi Loan Originator. I appreciate everyone that helped with this transition. I really would like to thank you for taking time to really listen to my situation, and working hard to get us to the closing table. I will be contacting you soon for some future business. Thanks again. 😊

Appreciative Borrower, G.M. –
March 31, 2023 

“Sun Pacific was great. Kind, direct, and quick, Broker made it happen in less than 2 weeks. Highly recommend! Everyone there was efficient and lovely to work with.”

Happy Borrower, Katie N. –
April 3, 2023

“Thank you again, you guys made the impossible possible – thank you for helping my family out, I really appreciate it!.”

Very happy borrower, J.L. –
Jan 19, 2022

“Thank you so much for all your help. I really appreciate all you all are doing for us. It’s been a very hard road. I believe this will put us back on track for a much better future. I believe that this year coming up we can get all the ducks in a row for a secure home mortgage with your help. A little lighter on my shoulders today, knowing that someone actually cares that we succeed. Thank you so much.”

Relieved Borrower, Candy –
Dec 20,2022

“THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! You guys saved my house  AND the hundreds of thousands of dollars that I have in it!!!❤❤🚀🔥🥳  WOW!! ❤❤❤” –

Happy Borrower, Zano G.
Dec 14, 2022


“I want to sincerely thank you for our loan. Thanks to Sun Pacific we renovated the cabin and sold it above asking price!  We cleared off all debt and have set aside the net proceeds for a down payment on a home with a small mortgage. Great days for us!”

Borrower, M.C.,
Nov 10 2022

“Hi Loan Originator, Thank you for your help with getting our deal across the finish line.  We are so thankful for finding you to save our purchase which needed to close in 3 days!”

J.E. – Thankful Buyer & Borrower,
Nov 10 2022

“Loan Originator, you and your team have all been very helpful and a pleasure to work with.”

Happy Borrower, B.R. –
Nov 8, 2022


“Loan Originator thank you for your help with my investment property refinance. The smooth process is very much appreciated.”

Happy Borrower, Fernando C.

“Thanks for the professional support; pleasant, prompt, and clear.”

Bruce D. – Happy Borrower from an owner occupied cash out loan

“Broker and his team did a great job facilitating our home loan. I sincerely would recommend utilizing their services.”

Borrower B.G.
Sept 2022

“Loan Originator, you guys work with the most amazing speed and efficiency! Throughout all our mortgage dealings, nothing has ever compared to how you do it. Thank you, again.”

Appreciative Borrower, Constance

“Yes we did it! No surprise, and we will do it again and again my friend.  Thank you and all your fabulously productive staff.  Thank you again!”

Alex, Borrower

“Loan Originator and her team truly saved the day when we needed it the most. In the nick of time she was able to approve our loan and allow us to close on our dream home! Even our real estate agent was blown away by how efficient they were and had not seen such a fast turnaround in her entire career. We are super grateful that our paths met and would 100% recommend working with them. Thank you Loan Originator!”

Happy New Homeowner, Michael H.
June 20, 2022

“I couldn’t be happier with the service I received from Sun Pacific. Broker and Team put together a great loan for me. It was smooth and effortless from start to finish. I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a fast loan.”

Nancy K.S., Borrower
May 1, 2022

“Broker and the entire team at Sun Pacific were professional from start to finish.
Their efficient approach to the process made it easy for us to choose the right loan for our needs, and they handled the entire loan sequence smoothly and quickly.
We are grateful to the company and recommend them highly!”

Mark Cook, Borrower
April 29, 2022

“In my divorce-forced refinance, where all other mortgage companies failed, Sun Pacific succeeded.”

Relieved Borrower, J.E.
April 17, 2022

“Thank you very much you all are so great to work with!! I love working with Sun Pac Mortgage!!”

Happy Borrower, Lyndsay
March 3, 2022

“Broker and his team at Sun Pacific Mortgage & Real Estate are truly a get it done company. I’ve been in the real estate industry for over 15 years, and by far Sun Pacific Mortgage & Real Estate is one of the best lending companies I’ve dealt with. My loan took 10 days from start to finish. My interest rate was low, and I was able to pull cash out. I highly recommend this company to everyone. Not only do they get your loan done correctly, but they get it done quickly.”

Borrower, Andy W.
Feb 15, 2022

“Sun Pacific Mortgage, especially Loan Originator, literally sprang into action as soon as I presented my pending foreclosure. Loan Originator told me, we don’t have much time plus the Christmas and New Year Holidays were coming up. Loan Originator and Broker Broker, worked together, to give me the best loan package. My loan was approved January 21, 2022. They were able to reduce my interest rate! My NOD deadline pay-off to my first mortgage, was January 25, 2022. Loan Originator called my first mortgage lender, who sent his payoff demand right away. He promised not to do anything to auction my house. I signed my loan docs January 26, 2022. My lender was paid off a few days later. Sun Pacific Mortgage and Real Estate care for the clients!  I will do business with them again. I will, with trust and confidence, recommend them to my family, friends, and acquaintances. God bless and more power to Sun Pacific Mortgage and Real Estate.”

Happy Borrower J.R.C 
Feb 3, 2022

“Throughout this process, your expertise and kindness have been clearly evident and so very helpful. I have greatly appreciated your clear, timely responses to all my questions coupled with your consideration, respect, and thoughtfulness. I am more excited than I can say to pay off all of my debts, help my son with college, and financially reset myself. And I know I could not have done this without you and all of the amazing folks at Sun Pacific Mortgage. Warmly and with deep gratitude.”

Julia, Borrower
Jan 29, 2022

“Thank you so much for the easy process! I’m super happy for the help and will be sure to refer as many people as possible to you in the future!”

Borrower, N.T.
Jan 28, 2022

“Loan Originator and Team from Sun Pacific Mortgage & Real Estate has truly re-amped my business and personal finances. They understand business owners,  real-estate investors, and people in tight situations. Sun Pacific refinanced my home when others couldn’t.  Long story short, Loan Originator understood everything about my situation. My only regret was that I wish I would have known about them 3 months earlier but now I have the funds to put all my finances back in order and get back on track!

This is a long truthful review. I kid you not. I recommend that you read the entire review. Covid-19 construction cost, and inventory delays was a huge part of my downturn, and not being able to refinance my house due to not being able to remove one covid-19 related late payment. After trying to refinance my home that has several improvements, I learned that I had one late payment about 8 months ago when I was trying to reorganize my business because of covid-19.  I talked to my main loan guy that I’ve dealt with over the course of 12 years. Sadly, the outcome was he could not help because of one late payment.  It was  suggested that I contact my bank and try to have it removed because it was 100 percent due to covid-19.  I asked  my bank if they could remove it because it was covid related so that I could refinance. They bluntly said no, it’s the law to leave it on because it was  late and I was out of the  timeline for covid assistance for my mortgage (covid is still going on y’all – its currently Jan -2022) . They forwarded me to the bank’s loan agent who hung up in my face regardless of the equity I had in my property.  My situation did not matter to him. He did not understand what I was doing and lacked the knowledge to comprehend it. After wasting so much time the situation became more and more grave.  I was so lucky to have dealt with Loan Originator and her team!

Please note. This type of loan cost would be higher than a traditional bank as some investors  are aware of. However, the process with Loan Originator was much easier and they are in the business of understanding situations.  I already know I would use them again perhaps on a different real-estate purchase. I used this  service as a short term correction to get my things back into control. I plan to re-amp my finances again in 4 months which would be enough time to get all my things back in order.”

Mahershal Adams
Jan 24, 2022

“Broker and the entire team at Sun Pacific were professional from start to finish. Their efficient approach to the process made it easy for us to choose the right loan for our needs, and they handled the entire loan sequence smoothly and quickly. We are grateful to the company and recommend them highly!”

Happy Borrowers, Mark & Gail
January 17, 2022

“Thanks Loan Originator for all of your and your team’s support.”

Happy Borrower, J.N. 
Dec 4 2021

“Broker and his staff are great to work with if you need a quick refinance. This is the place to go for the quickest loans! I have used Sun Pacific Mortgage 3 times and have always had great results each time, NO STRESS! I recommend them highly and will be doing more business with them in my future investing. They are trust worthy and I would not go anywhere else! Sun Pacific Mortgage & Real Estate is a five star all the way! This is the place to go for the most efficient service ever! Thank You Broker!”

Happy Repeat Borrower, Sandra Q.
August 23, 2021

“Broker and the Sun Pacific team were exceptional from the start of the process. Responsive, professional, honest, and competitive. It was a pleasure to work with them and I look forward to doing business with them in the future. There were no surprises and they delivered what they promised. Couldn’t be happier.”

Borrower, Eric S. 
August 17, 2021

“Great customer service. Very professional. Answered all my questions. They were very efficient too. We were able to close within 21 days. I highly recommend them if you want things done efficiently, on time and professionally.”

Borrower Carlo A.

“I want to give a shout-out to Loan Originator and Sun pacific.  I referred a client of mine their way and they took fantastic care of them.”  –

R.R., Local Lender at Guild Mortgage
July 29, 2021

“I couldn’t be happier with the service I received from Sun Pacific. Broker and Team did a great job. It was smooth and effortless from start to finish. I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a fast loan”

Happy Borrower, Nancy C.
June 2021


Always a pleasure to work with you.

In my span of time 20yrs of my career doing real estate.  

Your process is very easy to work with.

Thanks again for all your help.”

Borrower, Henry O.

“Broker and his team worked to get the loan I needed to purchase my childhood home, with unreasonable deadlines put in place by family members, even when it seemed hopeless Broker contacted my family and made it happen, I am going to be back when I have the need for another loan and recommend him to anybody I know who needs a loan, he made himself available even after hours and on weekend, his whole team is very easy to work with and we gained a good repour from day one.”

Borrower – James M.

“I came to Broker and his team with my situation of trying to attain a cash out refinance on my home even though Covid-19 had me laid off. He let me know it was all the way possible which was music to my ears! With the help of his sisters Team and Team they were able to get me taken care of! It took a bit longer then I thought it would but all things considered its understandable. I love the fact that its a family affair at the office and I would definitely recommend them for whatever your mortgage needs may be! Thanks again Broker and family!”

Borrower, J.F.

“I worked with Broker about 4 times in the past, when it comes to hard money loans, this is the only place for me. I’ve tried other companies, but no one compared to Broker’s performance. Always returned phone calls or emails, very professional and timely. For me, Broker is like what Tom Brady is to football. You’ll always come out a winner.”

Happy Borrower, Rhodney H. –

“Broker and the team at Sun Pacific made the loan process easy, even with last minute changes I requested. I was kept up-to-date on everything that was going on a all the deadlines were met and we are now in our new home. I would definitely use Sun Pacific again. Thanks Broker!!!”

Borrower, Don K.

“Broker and his team are very professional and always upbeat. Every phone call was friendly. Every email received a prompt reply. When things got a little tricky they found a way to make things work. I highly recommend Sun Pacific Mortgage. They will find a way to get it done. Good people.”

Borrower, Chris H.

“I cannot give enough stars or praise to Broker and his team. Even during this time of COVID-19, they were able to assist me quickly and courteously and made the entire process of getting me the financing I need as easy as possible. I have the greatest respect for them all and would recommend them to anyone.”

Borrower, Cynthia S.

“Great seemless experience. Professionally handled from start to finish. Quick turn around. Polite interaction in email messages and during text/phone conversations. Questions and/or inquiries answered in a very timely manner. Very pleasant to work with.”

Real Estate Advisor, M.A.Y.

“Good to know you are tried, true, and always there!!”

Russian River Realtor, M.M.

“I wanted to purchase a property that was partly business and part residential. There were a lot of things about our deal that did not conform . That didn’t stop Broker and his team from getting us the financing we needed. Broker made it quick and simple and on time! Thank you Broker!”

Borrower, S.W.

“I wanted to purchase a property that was partly business and part residential. There were a lot of things about our deal that did not conform . That didn’t stop Broker and his team from getting us the financing we needed. Broker made it quick and simple and on time! Thank you Broker!”

Borrower, S.W.

“I recently referred a friend to you for funding to buy an adjacent property and keep a small urban farm afloat in Sebastopol.  I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have y’all to send her to.  She won’t be the last!

My experience with The Guys in the White Hats was, by far, the BEST I have ever had in gaining finance for a project.  Y’all were knowledgeable, honest and KIND in every phase of our dealings.  Thank you doesn’t begin to cover my gratitude.”

Gratefully yours, C.S. – Sonoma County resident

“Very professional and, even during these difficult times, they got the deal done. We’ll done and thank you.”

Borrower E.H.

“Thanks to Broker and the team at Sun Pacific my boyfriend and I were able to purchase our dream house. They came through with short notice and were nothing short of hospitable, professional, and speedy. Thanks, Broker and everyone at Sun Pacific! We’re really excited about our new house.”

Borrower, S.E.

“Broker was referred to me by my real estate agent and secured a bridge loan on short notice. I would not have been able to buy the house I wanted if I could not get this financing. This loan saved me from losing the house that fit my needs perfectly. He was great to work with and I appreciated his attention to detail and helping me with a difficult problem.”

Borrower, P.D.

“We have finally finished the house and were signed off and received Final last week! We are in the home stretch and cannot thank you & your team enough for helping us achieve this milestone! We were so blessed to have found you and your company and really appreciate your kindness and support in this endeavor. Please extend our heartfelt appreciation to all of you from us.  Thank you all again!”

Eric & Donna

“Definitely get the job done when alternate lending is needed! Highly recommend!”

San Francisco Real Estate Agent, Mark S.

“Best in the business hands down!”

Borrower, Diane W.

“Broker and his team were top notch professionals, made the loan process as smooth and seamless as possible, and were beyond responsive to phone calls, emails, and text messages. The loan was funded as quickly as I’ve ever seen any loan fund, and I would highly recommend Sun Pacific to anyone in need of a loan. They truly provide a service in a courteous, efficient, and effective manner. I would give them 5 stars!”

Borrower, Walter C.

“We had a great experience with Broker at Sun Pacific. We needed a cash out of our rental to finish a construction project and Broker’s team got it done fast. Really great to work with. Courteous and professional.”

Borrower, Darius B.

“I had the pleasure of working with Broker. He went above and beyond my expectations to make the process super simple and super fast. Highly recommend him. Looking forward to next venture with him.”

Francisco S.

*THANK YOU, KEN!   Yes “we” – that is YOU, did it! I appreciate ALL of your work on this loan for us – and everybody else’s work on it too. We’re so happy that you made it happen, Broker, for both us and our investors, creating a win-win for everybody. Yes, I’d love to let as many people as possible know how great SunPac is. It’s a real pleasure doing business with you.”

Borrower K.J.

“I cannot recommend Broker highly enough for private money. I have had clients who have used his services and they are absolutely delighted… I cannot recommend a private money lender more highly.”

Sonoma County Realtor N.G.

To the Super Heroes in White Hats!  What can be said about the incredible family business that you have created.  Here are a few things to start with…

As FAST as ‘THE FLASH’, your efficiency and cohesiveness as a team is unmatched & always produces speed that rivals sound.

True ‘CAPTAINS OF AMERICAN’ Lending, you guys are blazing the way through complications & compliances of old lending and are true pioneers of the future.

As HEROIC as ‘HE-MAN’, time and again you do the heavy lifting to ensure security for your trusting clients!

For all that you do THANK YOU!   With much gratitude, M.F. Family

M.F. Family

“I was impressed by the tie of speed and service. You jumped on it and didn’t drag your feet like I’ve seen with other companies. The main reason for this loan was to pay off some accumulated unsecured debt. I wanted to get a fresh start…”

Borrower, R.R.

Broker is the best. He delivers his promises. He is helpful from start to finish. Every time I need to finance my purchases I am using his company [Sun Pacific Mortgage] because he is very reliable person. I just refinanced and did new purchase and it went very smoothly.

Repeat Borrower, L.T.

“Highly recommended. Broker and the Sun Pacific [Mortgage & Real Estate] crew really made it happen for us! Most importantly, he was patient and made the process painless.”

Borrower L.D.C.

“I very much appreciated the speed of the whole loan process. I wanted a Hard Money loan to combine my existing 1st and 2nd and pay off a bathroom remodel. You are extremely competent – everyone I dealt with through your company up to and including the mobile notary. I really cannot think of anything that you could improve upon!”

Borrower, J.L.

These guys wear the white hats because they REALLY do save the day. I was in a big jam since my original mortgage broker totally dropped the ball on my loan at the last minute 4 days before we were to close escrow so therefore it created sheer havoc with all of the plans I had made to close on time. Added to that, he was not sure another lender would accept my very temporary bridge loan to purchase a new residential property while mine was on the market. I was in a panic since I absolutely did not want to lose the home I had made an offer on– Broker literally dropped everything to find a lender for my property and more importantly to close on time. Wow ! The rest of the staff, Team and Team also did a great job in helping coordinate all of the documents from my 1st broker in order to make it happen. I have never had to use a hard money loan but if you ever find yourself in a situation like this , call this company. Highly recommended by my realtor Susan Franks of Keller Williams too.

Somewhere I.

“We got our loan from Sun Pacific 4 yrs ago. It got us into the house of our dreams with bad credit and our Estate money after my mom passed away. Although the 10% interest was tough to swallow within a year we were out of our loan and upgraded our credit scores enough to get locked into a 3.25% loan. Thanks for your help.”


“Very quick and efficient at everything they do. Awesome team. Highly recommend them. Even the title company was surprised at how fast they work.”

Home Buyer, L.A.

Owner and his team at Sun Pacific Mortgage WOWED me. My experience, from my first phone call desperately seeking help to the last email from Broker informing me that my loan closed, was caring, pleasant and professional.

Upon my initial phone call, Broker listened to me with compassion and  assured me that he would do his best to help me expediently.

The total process from application to closing of escrow and funding was exactly three week.

I highly recommend this very capable and professional team. Words cannot express my gratitude.

Thanks Broker and Team


“Thank you Sun Pacific for always being there for me and my clients.”

Realtor, K.B.

I have recently got a hard money loan done by Broker and I am very pleased with the results. Broker has a powerful team that works fast and know what they are doing. They coordinated with the escrow company the lenders and me in record time ( 2 weeks, and I had some issues to resolve with the county). They were on top of their game. JOB WELL DONE TEAM FOREST! Thank you. I will come back if I need a loan, I highly recommend this company.”

Borrower, G.Q.

Broker and his staff are awesome on every level!  Very professional.  Broker was able to secure the perfect loan for my situation.  I highly recommend Sun Pacific Mortgage & Real Estate to anyone needing a hard money loan!  If there were ten stars available to rate with I would give Sun Pacific all ten!  Thanks guys!!

Borrower, Joe G.

Broker at Sun Pacific mortgage is THE MAN!!!! He helped me refinance my mortgage which was close to being foreclosed on. He knows what he is doing and never pressures you. I am forever grateful to him and his staff for helping me save my home. If you are looking for any type of mortgage assistance don’t hesitate to contact Broker at Sun Pacific Mortgage!

Borrower, R.C.

Dearest Sun Pacific Friends,

You all probably think you just did another loan.  But my loan was much more.  It’s been a very sad year without my husband—but this home is an opportunity to start anew.  It really feels like a miracle.

Thank you all for being such a great team-and being a part of my life!

Borrower, Dawna

Thank you for everything.  We are so blessed to know the White Hat Family

at this difficult time.  We thank God for you all.

Dorothy, Natalie & Audrey

Broker is a very knowledgeable person and is one of the most ethical people that I know. These are two key elements needed when dealing with money and Real Estate. Broker and Sun Pacific Mortgage & Real Estate would be an excellent choice for your Real Estate financing needs.

Business Affiliate – J.F.

Broker and his team pulled through last minute for us to get us the loan we needed to save our house ! From start to finish he made everything smooth and instructions were always clear and answered quickly . We are so grateful to have found them to help us during an otherwise stressful time . Highly recommend!!

Cassandra L.

Thank you for helping with my loan, its already been a year.  You are the best!

Ewa B.

“Broker is a very knowledgeable person and is one of the most ethical people that I know. These are two key elements needed when dealing with money and Real Estate. Broker and Sun Pacific Mortgage & Real Estate would be an excellent choice for your Real Estate needs.”

J.F. Borrower

These guys are very local and well trusted.  Broker has been around a while and stakes his family reputation on his business performance.  In the past year, my husband and I have used him for investment opportunities and appreciate working with him and his get-it-all-done Team.  I am very satisfied and appreciative of Sun Pacific.

Kathy M.

Broker at Sun Pacific Mortgage is a terrific person to work with!  He quickly organized a hard money loan at a reasonable rate for us to complete grading and drainage work on a parcel of land that we purchased.  Then, when our plans changed and we needed to extend the loan period, he negotiated with the lender to extend the loan for up to another year at the same terms.  I highly recommend his services!

Tom M.

Broker and the staff at Sun Pacific are amazing. They are with you until the end and if there are any kinks, they will help you.

Veronica B.

“Broker and team saved my house!  He lined up two investors and closed very quickly.  When others say “no”, Broker is ready to go.  HE is professional and friendly and gets it done!!!”

Nicole A.

I was literally crying tears of joy for an hour straight. So excited to get back on track! None of this would have been possible without your help and genuine concern. We truly cannot thank you enough! Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends. You’ve helped make this our best one yet!

Christine and Steve King

Thanks for the speedy coordination to get my potential client qualified.  Although we can’t help now, I’m sure we will in the future. “Thanks for being kind and available. I really appreciate it. Happy Holidays!

Jade C

Thanks again. We really appreciate your patience.  We feel fortunate to have found your company.


Broker was my LO, and Lynn was my Processor and they did a fantastic job. They were honest, straightforward, to the point, loyal to the borrowers, and got me a 24 hour turnaround with docs with having a full package! Sun Pacific mortgage was very professional and is loyal to their word.  I would recommend anyone to go there for business.

Chantell M.

You folks truly saved me!! Thank you!

Teresa Means

I give you 5 stars!

Victoria S.

The entire family and staff at Sun Pacific Mortgage are the best hands down.  They are honest, direct, professional, quick, efficient and realistic.  We are able to move into a home of our dreams because God allowed us to come across this awesome business!  It’s like when everyone else seemed to be against, us, Sun Pacific found a way to make things happen.  We closed on our home on 12/10/15 and we cannot thank them enough.

Lakerie Williams

“Thank you so much for your help, persistence and encouragement to make it possible that Michael and I could have a home.”

M & T

“We most definitely would refer you. Everything went so smoothly. Thank you!”

N & B

“Broker has been helping clients purchase homes and investment properties for years. He is very knowledgeable of current market conditions and helps find the best funding sources for your specific needs. He provides fair, honest and responsive solutions to your Real Estate needs. He is committed to building life long relationships with his clients and friends. If you haven’t talked to him about your Real Estate needs, call him today.”

Bob Duffield, Financial Advisor, Edward Jones

“Celie and us, at AR Engineering Construction, thank you for stepping out a little and taking a chance with people you don’t know. We are all grateful, especially Celie. She is a “new” person along with her ‘new’ house. Instead of hiding in her broken home and giving her neighbors a bad time for the last 20+ years, she is now inviting them in to see her ‘new’ home. She has fixed herself up and is standing up straight instead of hunched over and walking slow. Thank you so much! Its the best part of our work! And you played a very significant part in this!”

Mary V.

“Broker is a great guy to work with if you are having trouble getting a loan. If there is any way to get you the best rate possible, he will find it. He is also very knowledgeable about what to do when you need a loan modification and you are getting the run-around. You will like working with Broker.”

Mary Walsh

“Thank you very much for your assistance yet again. You and your team have done an excellent job and I am thankful for finding you. A+”

Eric Swenson

“Broker is an extremely knowledgeable real estate broker and loan officer with decades of experience. He also really cares about his clients and wants them to get the home and loan they want, efficiently and with the lowest stress possible. I would hire him again, without hesitation, for my next home buying experience.”

Karen E.

“Broker is a stable and reliable person who will always go the extra mile to ensure that you get the best possible value of service from his company while still adding the flair of fun into the mix!”

Casey Curry, Owner, Expansion Technologies

“Broker is a go to guy in my book. If you need it DONE go with him. I would be totally fine working with him or doing any transactions.”

Creech Mike, Partner, K & M Fire Sprinkler Design

“Owner is a great communicator. His ability to answer all of your questions and help you understand is amazing. This is the guy you want selling or buying your home. Kelly King”

Kelly King, Owner, Webdesign08

“Broker has performed for my clients on multiple occasions. As always with great results and timing. Very knowledgeable in his field and would not hesitate continuing to recommend him when my clients needs his services.”

Kelly Dale Lyles

“Broker is a great businessman, has integrity and honesty that one expects but not always gets in todays world. Broker is competent in what he does and is easy to work with as well gets the job done.”

Kirk and Karilyn Youngman, Owner, NewEraDentistry

“Sun Pacific Mortgage is a wonderful company to work with. Broker is an extremely knowledgeable real estate broker and loan officer who really cares about his clients. The staff at Sun Pacific is very friendly and they helped make the entire process easy and comfortable.”


“Broker is the go-to Hard Money guy. He knows his business. He’s fast and can get you the loan you want. I recommend Broker to all my clients who don’t qualify for a conventional loan, as I know he will get the job done for them.”


“Broker is such a great person to work with. I always enjoy talking to him, very professional and knowledgeable – and friendly. I will always like do business with him.”


“Broker and Team Tardibuono handled our loan they were very informative told us the process and what was expected straight up no beating around the bush. I like that there were no surprises. It was fast and simple. I would recommend this company to anyone. Thanks to them we got the house we wanted. Very happy and grateful.” 1-5-15

Jenny N.

Not everyone has good FICO Scores and conventional proofs of income ( especially those who are self employed ); so, in almost all cases this group of borrowers is deprived loans, even in cases of high equity in collateral and proven ability to service loans. In addition, the borrower may not even need conventional lending at all, but might be better served with customized-short term financing to “bridge” the gap to a profitable Real Estate transaction. If you’re in this group, then Sun Pacific Mortgage can solve all of these problems very quickly and decisively-they will guide you to the right type of financing for your project goals. In less than a year, I have successfully completed 2 deals with Broker of Sun Pacific. Both of my loans were approved within a 2 day period – try that with the mortgage banks; you could easily spend 3 months chasing a loan only to find that you have been turned down. I will be doing another deal with Broker in about 21 months to finance construction of a new house on an adjoining lot.

William S.


I wanted to thank you for your help in saving our home.Sun Pacific Mortgage and their hard money lenders/investors allowed us to save our home with a temporary hard money loan.  After going through a difficult financial time we fell behind on our mortgage which prevented us from securing a conventional mortgage. We were on the verge of making the difficult choice of selling our home or foreclosing before contacting Sun Pacific Mortgage. The mortgage brokered by Sun Pacific Mortgage helped us save our home which give us time to clean up our credit. In addition, our investor/lender was flexible in extending our loan several months while we secured a conventional loan.  It was a win/win for everyone. After a two year process, we are closing on a conventional refinance today. My family and I are eternally grateful for your service and the role Sun Pacific played in saving our home.

Thank you again,

Damon B.

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What Investors Say:

“The bottom line is you are doing a great job and I love working with Sun Pacific.”

Long-time Investor, P.M. –
Jan 19, 2023

“Happy Anniversary from the 2nd generation of lenders of your very first lenders.  Our parents were always so proud to be your first lenders you ever had and would be so proud of all of you.

We too will continue on as lenders with you… Truly, from the bottom of our hearts, Happy Anniversary.”

K & R,
Jan 11 2023

Integrity – Knowledge – Honesty

That has truly always been your business that we have known for 35 years.

Hugs to all. –

Long time Private Investors, Ronnie & Katie
Dec 20th, 2022

“On my first two trust deeds, I thought I could manage my own investments.  Not my best decision.  I finally woke up and started using Redwood Trust Deed Services [as you recommended] to manage the investments.  Am I glad I did.  That was a smart move….
When I’ve contacted you or any member of your team at SPM, I have also always gotten answers or help with a ‘problem’ right away.  I truly appreciate you guys and thank you for going the extra mile.”
Private Investor, Scott  –
Nov 4, 2022

“We enjoy looking at what is available. We appreciate all that your company has done for us [as Investors]. Thanks so much.”

Satisfied Private Investors, Linda and Manny   
Nov 2, 2022

“We just want you to know how much we enjoy each and every one of your newsletters.   With all that we receive and read from you we know that you are carrying on Broker’s great name into the future.  Once again, thank you for all the updates and keeping us all educated as things have changed tremendously in the last 40 years that we have been Lenders.”

Sincerely,  R & K – long time Investors with Sun Pacific
June 8, 2022

“It is curious to me how other investors value an opportunity. This one seems so good on paper with 13% interest [of return to us]. The security of his owner-occupied home is what informed our decision…. It all seems strong to us. Thanks for the service you provide us as investors. I retired April 1st. A large part of what made that possible is our investments through Sun Pacific. Thanks for all you and your team does.”

Investor, K.M.
June 1, 2022

“I have found it very difficult to find attorneys knowledgeable in private/hard money lending.   And you are right, when they don’t understand this area, they tend to think it’s some type of risky lending that they don’t recommend.   Our filtering process for brokers is very strict and Sun Pacific did very well!”

T.K. – Investment Manager 
Dec 22, 2021

“I have already made one loan with you and look forward to doing more.  Very quick service, thanks!”

Investor, L.G. 
Dec 21, 2021

“We look forward to working with you for a long time, Loan Originator.  You have proven yourself over the years to be more than able to handle this new position as Loan Originator with Sun Pacific.  You are smart, highly motivated, people oriented, pay attention to detail and easy to work with, confident, and ambitious.”

Loyal Investor clients, Betty and Jim  
Nov 6, 2021

“I have a lot of Professional respect for you and value your opinion greatly.”

Investor, J.D.
April, 8 2021

Hey all! I just wanted to say hello and thank you guys and gals for all of the work put in to complete my loan! I understand the difficulty with the state of things in the world and I just wanted to say that I appreciate the effort. I will be writing up a Yelp review as requested reflecting my sentiments in the next few days. I look forward to working with you in the near future on some local flips and other things so I will definitely stay in touch!”

Investor, J.F. 

“Great Customer Service!”

Investor, J.O.

“I have a couple of loans with Sun Pacific and they are doing well. I would recommend them to do business with. I have been a broker for 44 years here in Sonoma County.”

Sandra Geary, Broker/Partner at Prime Real Estate Services

“Broker & Broker – – Thanks for the very informative emails you guys send out to us investors. They have improved my knowledge about hard money loans.”

Investor D.M.

In my short time in dealing with you, the attention to detail has always

been remarkable. I am very pleased to do business with you.

Investor, B.K.

“I have complete confidence in Broker and Sun Pacific. They always bring me all the information I need to make a decision on a loan. They do all the leg work, so all I have to do is analyze the information and make a decision. They provide me with a wealth of opportunities for successful investments. ”

Jerry D.

“We enjoyed the seminar the other night and found it very educational. Thank you for sharing all the information with us. You are a great presenter.”

Ronnie & Katie, Private Investors

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