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Hi, let’s get you that money!

Sun Pacific Mortgage is a family owned business in Sonoma County that was started way back in 1988 by the current Broker’s parents – true family company!  Right from day one, our aim was to help real estate homeowners and buyers, by offering alternative financing for those who had been turned down elsewhere.  Also, a goal was to work with many seasoned Private Investors who are interested in earning higher returns on their investments, in real estate!

Our Hard Money loans soon came to the rescue with mortgages funded by private individuals. Not only did these loans make mortgages easier — thanks to fewer qualifications — they made them a lot faster too! We frequently deliver funding in under 5 days and our personal best is 48 hours.

Now into our third decade as licensed Realtors, Lenders and Hard Money Brokers, Sun Pacific Mortgage has become a leading expert in Hard Money loans and we have never run out of money to lend!

Backed by more than 35 years of trust

Repeat customers, referred customers, realtors, lenders and brokers, we are privileged to have clients who have been placing their trust in us for the past 35 years and more.  It’s a trust we could never buy. It is a trust you can count on.

If the other lending institutions have turned you down for a real estate loan, give us a call… and let’s get you that money!  If you are interested in investing in Deeds of Trusts for higher returns, give us a call or reach out through our website!

Since it opened it’s doors, Sun Pacific Mortgage has also worked closely with many other Brokers, Real Estate Agents and Lenders to assist them with their clients and investing needs.

We look forward to hearing from you if you have any hard money or private money needs or investment interests!


About Us