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Is A Cash-out Mortgage the Answer to Your Financial Woes?

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When you need cash but don’t have the savings, there are some solutions to still getting the extra money you want. You can use a credit card, take out a personal loan, or even borrow from a friend or family member. If you’re a homeowner, you have yet another option: a cash-out refinance. With a cash-out refinance, you can turn your home’s equity into cash, using it for any expense or bill you might need.

With the impressive equity gain most homeowners have experienced over the past couple of years, more people are opting to access their newly acquired wealth to fund home improvements or business ventures.

With a cash-out refinance, you take out a new mortgage loan with a higher balance than your current one. Then, that new loan is used to pay off the old one, replacing it entirely. The difference between the new loan amount and your old mortgage balance is given to you in cash. There is an additional bonus when you itemize your returns on your income tax filing because you can write off the interest you pay on the cash-out refinancing.

If a cash-out mortgage is an option for you and could help with your present financial endeavors, consider a privately funded loan from Sun Pacific Mortgage. We offer mortgage loans to borrowers who have been turned down by conventional lenders but would like to access their equity.

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