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Since opening our doors in 1988, we have always found it best to work closely with each Private Investor and keep them informed of our exact process, what we expect from them and provide timely information about specific loan programs and any regulation changes.

Each year, we attend quarterly California Mortgage Association conferences which are specifically targeting Hard Money Brokers, Lenders and Servicers.  These conferences brief on any new regulations, market changes, private money topics that are relevant to protecting Lenders and more.  We also have to take an 8 hour annual course and exam for our Nationwide Mortgage Lending License and every 4 years have to do 20 hours of study and exams to renew our Real Estate licenses.  We are very much on top of the California real estate and lending pulse, so we can keep you informed for your best investment decisions.

Below are topics you may want to find out more about, if you are an existing Investor with us or you are new and would like to start investing in our Trust Deed Offerings.

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    All About Investing With Us