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Loan of the Week – 2nd Generation Strong

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2nd Generation Hard Money Lenders

You and/or your clients will have no doubts or reservations when working with our family owned & operated company to get alternative financing, also known as Hard Money: Trusted by more than 10,000 borrowers after more than 3 decades in business! You won’t need to wonder if we can get you fast financing – we’ve…

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Financing From Long-Time Lenders

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Financing From Long Time Lenders

You no longer need to worry about having unexpected charges added to closing costs or being “turned down elsewhere” at the last moment!  You can trust The Guys in the White Hats to be honest with your loan, from start to finish.  And for someone who just missed qualifying for conventional financing, take advantage of…

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Let’s Be Clear: Hard Money Is Fast!

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Transparency from an expert lender assures faster funding and piece of mind. With us, you now have a resource to handle almost any Homebuyer or Borrower profile that is less than “A” quality, and still get reasonable rates: – One-of-a-kind Alt-A Hard Money Program with rates as low as *6%! – Fastest funding within 48…

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ALT-A Hard Money Offers FAST Funding!

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What can we do for you and your Borrower or Homebuyer? Get that loan funded and fast! “I have recently got a hard money loan and am very pleased with the results. Forest has a powerful team that works fast and knows what they are doing. They coordinated with the escrow company, the lenders and me…

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Unique Alternative Financing!

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Unique Alternative Financing

Unable to get a home loan or refinance because you just missed out on qualifying for conventional financing?  Need a FAST loan? We are uniquely qualified to help with our Hard Money Loan Programs:  – One-of-a-kind Alt-A Hard Money Program with rates as low as *6%. – Fastest funding within 48 hours. Hard Money Loan of the…

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Getting Back To Work To Support Our Community

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getting back to work

Pushing ourselves and others back to work to provide needed services to our community is valuable – and very appreciated we have discovered!    Things may seem bleak with the Kincade fire, many evacuations and power outages but it’s up to us to create some good.   With a team effort we can strengthen our community.…

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What Happened With San Francisco and the Peninsula Real Estate?

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What Happened With San Francisco and the Peninsula Real Estate

According to one of the recent reports on the real estate market in San Francisco, the average sale price in September for a single-family home was $2,091,655, an increase of $251,312 over August.  The average days on the market was 28. The inventory of properties for sale in San Francisco as of October 5, 2019…

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Recently Funded – Scary Good!

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Recently Funded – Scary Good

Getting approval for a home loan or refinance does not have to be painful – or scary! With our new Alt-A Hard Money program, you can get rates as low as *6%, fast approvals and many loans funded in less than 1 week. If you or a client is trying to get a loan, give…

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Do Home Loans Have To Be So Painful?

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Do Home Loans Have To Be So Painful

If it’s the American Dream to own one’s own home, then why is it made so difficult for so many to achieve?  And does it have to be that difficult?  One California broker has recently taken a good look and come up with a new way to open more doors.  It’s a key designed to…

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No Need To Be Frightened… We Can Get You That Loan!

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No Need To Be Frightened We Can Get You That Loan

Don’t be frightened if you or a client just missed out on qualifying for conventional financing.  We can help with our Hard Money loan programs:  – Backed by over 3 decades of trust! – Fastest funding within 48 hours! – Unique Alt-A Hard Money Program with rates as low as *6%! Loan of the Week…

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