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Earn Upwards of 14% Return On Your Money

We are looking for individuals to invest in real estate for high yield returns, who have at least $100,000 to invest. Would you like to become a Private Investor and earn higher returns on your investments? Then fill out the form below, or call us or email us!

Since 1988 we have financed well over 10,000 individual loans, averaging 30+ funded Trust Deeds every month.  With our Team of Private Investors, we annually fund over $110,000,000 in Deeds of Trusts.  There is no lack of possibilities for you to invest in – and your investments are backed by California real estate equity, with you making monthly from 8% up to 14%.  We never touch your money; it goes from you to Escrow for disbursements; you are in full control of your choices and investments. 

We are licensed through the State and through the Feds as Private Money Broker, Real Estate Agents and Loan originators through the California Department of Real Estate (DRE) and the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS).

Being in business for over 35 years has given us multitudes of past borrowers as well as referring Realtors, conventional Brokers and Lenders.   This enables us to send out new Deeds of Trust for your investment almost daily.

Ken Ari ProfessionalAri and Ken Walker
Loan Originator/Wife & Broker/Husband

We are not a fund.  We never touch your money and the investment choices are made by you on these short-term loans (11 months to 3 years).  We are always looking for qualified investors who are interested in higher returns on their investments!  So, Please reach out to us if you are interested in joining our Team of individual Private Investors.

30 loans per month average

Investor Net Worth/Income Disclosure:

As an Investor, you will be required to sign a disclosure, affirming that your investment in any single trust deed offering does not exceed 10% of your net worth. This is in accordance with California State Law, under the California Business and Professions Code, Section 10232.45: https://law.onecle.com/california/business/10232.45.html

Examples of Trust Deeds Funded by our Private Investors for higher ROI

If you are interested in receiving California Trust Deed offerings, call us at (707) 523-2099 or fill out the form below.


San Diego (San Diego County)
San Diego
First Trust Deed for $750,000 @ 10.5% interest only for 3 years.  

Loan to value = 55%

Private Investor Monthly Return = $6,562 

Value from online comparisons is $1,348,339.

*Owner Occupied Refinance, Business Purpose*

Property is a Single Family Residence of 2,512 sq. feet with 5 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms on a lot of .2961 acres.  Borrowers have owned this home for 16 years, have 34-year tenure on their jobs, and $23,000/month income.  Purpose is debt consolidation to improve credit.

Petaluma (Sonoma County)
PetalumaSOLD: First Trust Deed of $408,000 @ 11% interest only for 11 months.

Loan to value = 54%

Private Investor Monthly Return = $5,188

Purchase price is $755,000.  MLS Comps support this value.*Owner Occupied, Purchase Bridge Loan*

Property is a Single Family Residence of 995 sq. ft. with 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, built in 1950 on a lot of .12 acres.  Borrower is coming in with over $345,000 cash to close, over $6,800/month income, perfect credit.

Los Gatos (Santa Cruz County)
Santa CruzSOLD: First Trust Deed for $1,800,000 @ 12% interest only for 3 years with 6 months of prepaid interest.

Loan to value is 60%

Private Investor Monthly Return = $18,000

Value from appraisal is $2,900,000.

*Non-Owner Occupied, Business Purpose Loan*

Property is rented out for $20,750/month.  This loan will have an Absolute Assignment of Rents. Property is a Single Family Residence of 4,700 sq. ft with 3 bedrooms, 2 ½ bathrooms built in 2013 on a lot of 11.25 acres. Borrower has a current loan that is coming due, debt consolidation, borrower has over $34,000/month income, over $75,000 in the bank very good credit.

Encino (LA County) 
EncinoSOLD: Trust Deed of $550,000 @ 8% interest only for 11 months.

Loan to value is 23%

Private Investor Monthly Return = $3,666

Value from average online sites is $2,405,730

*Owner Occupied, Consumer Purpose Loan*

Property is a Single Family Residence with 3,862 sq. ft. 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, built in 1995 on a lot of .21 acres. Borrower has owned this property for 8 years, over $14,000/month income, and this is a past borrower of ours.

Note: Investments in Trust Deeds secured by one or more interests in real property are subject to risk of loss.

Earn more on your money.
Email us for specifics on becoming an investor with us.

There is no obligation to you and we guarantee your privacy.  We are a licensed Broker and have worked with multitudes of private investors, some with us since 1988.


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