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Since 1988 we have helped thousands of Home Buyers & Home Owners. We’ve also worked with many Brokers, Lenders and Realtors who refer clients to us. You never want to tell a Buyer or Borrower “no” – which is where we come in!

• Want fast approval?

Get pre-approval in as quick as 10 minutes!  Loan approval in as quick as 12 hours!
Note: California Only Financing. $150,000 minimum loan amount required.

• Tired of all the extra conditions?

We have only two main qualifications for these loans:

  1. Decent existing equity or at least 25-35% down payment.
  2. An ability to repay the loan (source of income).

• Do you already have a hard money source who has run out of funds?

We have been doing hard money loans since 1988 and have yet to run out of funds.

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Ken Walker & Forest Tardibuono – “The Guys in the White Hats”

Most Agents that call us need quick action and approval – because they are running out of time.  We understand Brokers and Lenders want to help, but traditional underwriting is not always the best fit.  Borrowers can get our financing despite bad credit, difficult to prove income, poor property condition, etc.

Sun Pacific Mortgage is here to provide you with the hard money loans your clients are seeking so everyone comes out a winner.

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Hard Money Loan Programs:

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California Real Estate financing only. Minimum loan amount starts at $150,000.