Commercial Loans – Purchase or Refinance


Loan Info (we do California Only)

Loan amounts start at $150,000 and go up from there.
FICO is not a factor (bad or poor credit – we can still help you!)
Up to 50-60% Loan to Value on Commercial Loans (case by case basis)
Fast Funding ability.


Just one main qualification for all our Private Money Programs:

  1. Decent down payment on a purchase, or good existing equity for a refinance.


Reasons for Hard Money on Small Commercial Properties

We do loans for various types of small commercial.  Small office buildings, usually owned by the people who own the business, also small motels with good cash flow, even small grocery stores.  If money is need to rehab or purchase a small commercial, give us a call.

Don’t hesitate to CALL NOW (707) 523-2099 for a free proposal, have any questions answered, or to start your loan process.

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    * We ONLY Offer Loans for Real Estate.
    * Our Lenders do NOT finance mobile homes. Any manufactured house MUST be on a permanent foundation for us to consider financing it.
    * Minimum loan amount starts at $150,000.
    * ARV/Future Value Financing not available

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    Commercial Loans