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Hard Money Loan Submission Summary

We can finance Owner Occupied/Primary Residences and Investment Properties alike.

The Following Items Are Needed For A Loan To Be Submitted, For Rapid Approval Through Our Office:

  • Completed Loan Application (1003)
  • Credit Report
  • Current bank statements for each bank account.
  • Signed letter from borrower stating their purpose for this loan.
  • Signed letter from borrower stating their exist strategy for this loan.
  • Appraisal or something showing value (such as a Broker Priced Opinion/BPO).
  • Something Showing Income (such as 7 bank statements, 1099, W-2, current paystub, tax return, leases, etc.)
  • Broker fees being charged.


  • If this new loan will be paying off an existing loan, then we need a copy of the existing mortgage statement.
  • For 2nds, need a copy of the most recent mortgage statement and NOTE for the senior loan.
  • Prelim and Escrow contact, unless we will be opening Escrow.
  • If property is in a Trust or LLC, etc. we will need the Trust Cert, LLC Docs, etc.
  • Copy of Purchase Agreement if a Purchase.

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    * We ONLY Offer Loans for California real estate.
    * Minimum loan amount starts at $150,000.
    * ARV/Future Value Financing not available
    * We don’t provide personal loans.

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    Hard Money Loan Submission