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We Pay Commissions To Licensed Brokers And Originators!

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We know Brokers and Lenders always want to help, but we also know that traditional underwriting is not always the best fit.  We get hundreds of loans brokered or referred to us by mortgage professionals who had to tell the borrower “no”.  Most need fast action and approval because they are running out of time. Well, below are the programs to meet these needs, with us moving funds faster and saying “yes!” more often, while paying commissions to licensed Brokers and Originators in the process!

Let’s get your Borrower that money… faster!
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Get Paid Full Broker Commissions!  

Anyone licensed through the DRE can be paid a Broker commission through their licensed Broker for brokering a loan to us.  If you aren’t DRE licensed, you can get paid a referral fee on business purpose loans.  We can all close more transactions and help  more borrowers & buyers – it’s a win-win!


Despite the following issues, your borrowers can qualify for our private money financing:

  • poor credit
  • debt to income ratios high
  • self-employment with difficult-to-prove income
  • bankruptcy, foreclosure or short sale
  • borrower or property is in a Trust or LLC
  • property condition is poor or doesn’t qualify for conventional financing
  • owner occupied or investment property, single & multi units
  • turned down elsewhere

Just one main qualification for our Private Money Programs:

  1. Decent down payment on a purchase, or good existing equity for a refinance

Our Loan Programs

Jumbo Loans up to $3 million
Owner Occupied Loans
Bridge Loans
Stated Income Loans
Land Loans
Commercial Loans
Investment Property Loans
And should you have a borrower with a profile just short of “A” quality, call for our Exclusive Alt-A Hard Money Programs with rates starting at 8 percent.

Increase your success rate!
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Some of the brokered/referred scenarios we’ve helped overcome:

Referred by bank agent – they had to close FAST.
Program: Primary Residence Purchase Short Term Loan
Loan Amount: $460,000 with 60% LTV
Windsor, California (Sonoma County)
Days to Fund: 5 days
Why Needed Us: Turned down at last moment when already in escrow, due to question about proof of income. Didn’t want to lose deposit or home purchase so needed fast loan which we could deliver.

Brokered after conventional lender had tried to get this done for months.
 Bridge Loan
Loan Amount: $839,000
Temecula, California (Riverside County)
Days to Fund: 18 days
Why Needed Us: Couldn’t wait any longer for old house to be sold. Needed a loan to buy a new home in another city while current house being listed got sold.

Brokered to us by “A” Paper Lender when couldn’t get approval by his underwriters.
 Non-Owner-Occupied Purchase
Loan Amount: $882,500 with 61% LTV
Santa Rosa, California (Sonoma County)
Days to Fund: 17 days
Why Needed Us: Wanted to buy an investment property but due to property condition couldn’t qualify for traditional financing.

Other broker unable to resolve self-employed, difficult-to-prove income documentation.
Program: Owner-Occupied Cash Out
Loan Amount: $450,000 with 62% LTV
Covina, California (Los Angeles County)
Days to Fund: 11 days
Why Needed Us: Wanted to consolidate high-rate credit card debts and do some home improvements but difficulty getting financing due to being self-employed with difficult-to-prove income.

Realtor reached out to us as other lending institution was unable to provide a fast close, which is what the buyer and realtor wanted.
Program: Primary Residence Purchase
Loan Amount: $599,000 with 59% LTV
Mill Valley, California (Marin County)
Days to fund: 8 days
Why Needed Us: Wanted a stronger offer with a very short closing date and no loan contingency, which we could offer.

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    * We ONLY Offer Loans for Real Estate.
    * Our Lenders do NOT finance mobile homes. Any manufactured house MUST be on a permanent foundation for us to consider financing it.
    * Minimum loan amount starts at $150,000.
    * ARV/Future Value Financing not available

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