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Summertime Coverage With Hard Money!

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“[Sun Pacific] did a fantastic job. They were honest, straightforward, to the point, loyal to the borrowers, and got me a 24-hour turnaround from docs to having a full package! They were very professional and loyal to their word.  I would recommend anyone to go there for business!” C.M.

Santa Rosa Rush Purchase

A local Mortgage Broker called us about a client of his who’s loan process was not getting approved quick enough – his Buyer was running out of time.

They were looking for a rush interim loan. We quickly got onto it!

The Borrower wanted to purchase a $562,000 investment property in Santa Rosa and was coming in with about 35% of his own money.  Within 24 hours we had loan approval.  In just 10 more days we had a very happy Borrower and very appreciative Broker, as money was in hand!

If you need any help with fast financing this summer, we’ve got your back!  Email us or Call Today at 707-523-2099 so we can help with our Hard Money programs.

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