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Set Up Your Summertime Financing – Loan of the Week

1 “ Did A Fantastic Job. They Were Honest, Straightforward, To The Point, Loyal To The Borrowers, And Got Me A 24-Hour Turnaround From Docs To Having A Full Package! They Were Very Professional And Loyal To Their Word.  I Would Recommend Anyone To Go There For Business!” C.m.

“[Sun Pacific] did a fantastic job. They were honest, straightforward, to the point, loyal to the borrowers, and got me a 24-hour turnaround from docs to having a full package! They were very professional and loyal to their word.  I would recommend anyone to go there for business!” C.M.

Santa Rosa Rush Purchase

A local Mortgage Broker called us about a client of his who’s loan process was not getting approved quick enough – his Buyer was running out of time.

They were looking for a rush interim loan. We quickly got onto it!

The Borrower wanted to purchase a $562,000 investment property in Santa Rosa and was coming in with about 35% of his own money.  Within 24 hours we had loan approval.  In just 10 more days we had a very happy Borrower and very appreciative Broker, as money was in hand!

If you need any help with fast financing this summer, we’ve got your back!  Call Today at 707-523-2099 so we can help with our Hard Money programs.

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