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Is the Housing Market About to Crash?

Jul 27, 2021 (0) comment , , , , , , , ,

Is the Housing Market About to Crash

With home prices at record highs and properties, especially in California, flying off the market in just hours, it’s no wonder that the Google search for “when is the housing market going to crash” has spiked dramatically in recent weeks. Although this present housing mania may remind us of the mid-2000 bubble, experts say there’s…

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What Are Loan Options For Borrowers with Bad Credit?

Jul 20, 2021 (0) comment , , , , , , , , ,

What Are Loan Options For Borrowers with Bad Credit

Life happens, and with it sometimes it has less than desirable consequences.  An example of a negative impact on our lives is a bad credit report.  This damaging report isn’t always a sign of irresponsible choices but can just as easily be the result of an unexpected and disastrous health or financial occurrence. Unfortunately, FICO…

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Get Your Loan Funded In July!

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We offer FAST Financing! Credit Problems Okay Difficult To Prove Income Okay Primary Residence and Investment Properties Financed  RECENTLY FUNDED   Call today 707-523-2099 with your scenario!    

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Benefits of Borrowing from a Private Lender

Jul 13, 2021 (0) comment , , , , , , , ,

Benefits of Borrowing from a Private Lender

Why would a real estate Buyer get a mortgage from a private lending company rather than an individual investor or conventional source?  There are numerous reasons, but to list a few: You can be self employed with difficult to prove income and still get a loan. You can better arrange the terms that work best…

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What Should Buyers Know When Making A Purchase Offer?

Jul 09, 2021 (0) comment , , , , , ,

What Are Buyers Looking for in Homes Today

  We are well aware of the low inventory and high prices which have prevailed in the real estate market for over a year. This has intimidated many buyers recently and kept them from attempting to get into the bidding wars.   As a buyer, what is the best approach when making an offer today…

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Real Estate vs. Stocks

Jun 29, 2021 (0) comment , , , , , , , ,

Real Estate vs Stocks 1

Whether to invest in real estate or stocks is a personal choice that depends on your financial situation, risk tolerance, goals, and investment style. When you buy stocks, you buy a tiny piece of that company.  In general, you can make money two ways with stocks:  value appreciation as the company’s stock increases and dividends.…

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To Renovate or Not to Renovate Before You Sell

Jun 22, 2021 (0) comment , , , , , , , , ,

To Renovate or Not to Renovate Before You Sell

When deciding to sell here in California, some homeowners feel they need to get their houses ready to make it more appealing to Home Buyers.  Before deciding on this choice, here’s a few things to keep in mind: There is a shortage of homes right now.  In a “normal” market there would be a 6-month…

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Want More Loan Options?

Jun 17, 2021 (0) comment , , , , , , , ,

Want More Loan Options

Continuing the legacy of 33 years; We offer FAST private money financing for your real estate needs: FAST Loans More forgiving qualifications We Can Help Despite Being Turned Down Elsewhere! Loan of the Week A Broker from Santa Clara called us, requesting fast help with a Borrower she had.  This particular Homeowner was looking for…

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Listing Prices Have Become a New Starting Point

Jun 15, 2021 (0) comment , , , , , , , ,

Listing Prices Have Become a New Starting Point

Gone are the days, at least for the immediate present, when the listing price was the point where the buyer started from and worked downward in the negotiating process.  Today, in the Peninsula and Northern Bay Areas, with the record-low supply of homes for sale coupled with very strong buyer demand, the list price is…

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Where Are the “Spillover Markets” in California?

Jun 01, 2021 (0) comment , , , , , , , ,

Where Are the Spillover Markets in California

It is clear going into 2021 that the last year reshaped house-hunting patterns while driving a whole lot of buying activity.  The notable take-away when examining the areas of greater activity is that much of the action is taking place in locations close to larger metro regions, but with lower prices.  These have been dubbed,…

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