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Where Is the Real Estate Market Headed?

Fallhousingmarket With Autumn Here, What Can We Expect The Real Estate Market To Do?

With Autumn here, what can we expect the real estate market to do?

Typically, things slow down once the kids settle in at school, while sales prices and bidding wars all start to drop. But, here’s what the experts and data have to say about this Autumn’s housing market:

The supply of for-sale housing is incredibly low. In fact, Redfin reported that the total inventory was at an all-time low in June, dropping 15% compared to just one year earlier.

Because of the meager supply, existing home sales fell by about 2% in July. New home sales, however, were up 4.4% for the month and 31.5% over the year. Experts expect this trend to continue for the rest of this quarter.

Prospective homebuyers are turning to new construction as a way around the low inventory. The supply chain for builders continues to be a challenge, but builders are seeing it somewhat normalizing in most markets and believe that it will likely remain this way through the remainder of 2023.

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An Unexpected Building Boom – California Real Estate New Construction

Califonira New Home Construction Homebuilders In California Are Not The Only Ones Busy During The Last Couple Of Months In A Surprise Surge, According To Dan Burns In Reuters.

Homebuilders in California are not the only ones busy during the last couple of months in a surprise surge, according to Dan Burns in Reuters.

“Groundbreaking on U.S. single-family homebuilding projects surged in May by the most in more than three decades.”

The Commerce Department said it reached a seasonally adjusted pace of 1.6 million units per year. This statistic indicates that homebuilding increased at the fastest rate since January 1990.

Permits for future construction also climbed suggesting the housing market may be turning a corner. Homebuilders are liking this market because the “rate-locked” present homeowners are not selling, making new homes much more available to the present buyers.

Throughout many of the populated California Counties, such as Marin, Sonoma, Santa Cruz, Sacramento and others, there are plenty of buyers increasingly looking at new construction and many builders are enjoying the improved supply chain which has lowered material costs.

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California North Bay Real Estate Trends

Wine Country Real Estate Trends For January 2022

Overbidding has become a common catch word in real estate, with resolute, prospective buyers showing over time that they’re willing to pay over asking price. The trend has accelerated in the last few years since the pandemic took hold. In May 2020, 25% of the offers were over the listing price. Three years later, 55% of the bids were over.

Listings are low all over California and across the nation, insiders have indicated. Therefore, home sales are fewer in numbers by about 20%. One North Bay County, Sonoma, knows the pain of the housing shortage, lacking about 38,000 units to provide adequate shelter for its residents. Still, home sales are still happening as the demand refuses to subside.

We just need to look at the median home price in the following cities to realize that the “supply and demand” principle is alive and well in the North Bay.

2023 Sonoma County median sales price

-Brokerwood: $2.9M

-Sea Ranch: $1.3M

-Healdsburg & Bodega Bay: $1.2M

-Penngrove & Glen Ellen: $1.1M

-Sebastopol: $1M

-Sonoma: $987,000

-Santa Rosa: $943,000

-Petaluma East & West: $925,000 & $850,000, respectively

Source: Compass

The heavy demand and lack of resale property has forced the average days on the market to plunge in a 3 ½-year period, from a high of 88 days in January 2020 to 40 in May 2023, according to the Compass analysis.

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The Hottest ZIP Codes in California Today

Californiarealestatehot We Are All Aware That The Housing Market Has Slowed Considerably This Year, Especially If We Compare It To The Past Pandemic Fueled Frenzy Of 2020-2022. The Obvious Reasons For This Slump Are The High Interest Rates And Low Inventory In A Very Competitive Market, But There Are Still Some Areas, Even In California, Where There Is Still Heightened Activity.

We are all aware that the housing market has slowed considerably this year, especially if we compare it to the past pandemic fueled frenzy of 2020-2022. The obvious reasons for this slump are the high interest rates and low inventory in a very competitive market, but there are still some areas, even in California, where there is still heightened activity.

This month in the SFGate they reported on a survey that was done by Realtor.com recording the most recent hottest ZIP codes in the country’s various metro areas. The rankings were based on a combination of market demand measured by views on Realtor.com and how fast homes sold. The list includers only one hot ZIP code per metro area. In California Livermore was the hottest spot in the Bay Area and Bakersfield was the most desirable in the Central Valley.

Livermore’s 94550 ended up at No.44 on the list with a median list price of $1.4 million. Granted, the area isn’t exactly affordable, and yet homes attracted more than double the attention per property and spent less time on the market compared with the greater San Francisco metro area.

Another surprising city which made the list was Bakersfield’s 93309 which landed at No. 24. It had a median list price of $340,000 in June 2023, a much more affordable price in a much more affordable metro area in the state.

In 2022, the only California market to crack the top 50 was Eureka, which took the 28th spot. The medium home price at the time was $480,000, but this year homes in the area are staying on the market longer causing it to drop off the list.

Prices have risen dramatically in the past few years in California, and no ZIP code has made it to the top 10 hottest ZIP codes since 2019.

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Why Invest in California Trust Deeds?

2022 05 Msr 1 The Short Answer To That Question Is Wouldn’t You Want Your Investment Money To Gain Upwards Of 12% Or More Interest? There Are Very Few Stocks Or Bonds These Days Paying Such Handsome Interest.The short answer to that question is wouldn’t you want your investment money to gain upwards of 12% or more interest? There are very few stocks or bonds these days paying such handsome interest.

What are trust deeds? Trust deeds (mortgages) are investments in a loan, secured by real estate, directly to the borrower. Rather than putting your money in a bank and having the bank make the real estate loan, private investors actually make the loan directly. The trust deed investment business is huge in California.

There are two ways to invest in trust deeds: One is through a mortgage fund (like a mutual fund), the other is by investing directly in trust deeds through a licensed mortgage broker.

With a hard-money mortgage fund, also known as private money, you are investing with many other shareholders in real estate for which you do not need to be directly responsible.  Sounds good, right? Except, that just about every hard money mortgage fund in history has failed horribly during the regular real estate crashes that seem to hit every ten to fourteen years.

Sun Pacific Mortgage has been in the trust deed business in California for over 35 years. Our investors finance trust deeds directly through a legitimate mortgage broker. In this case, once the borrower and property are vetted and equity determined, the investor is directly lending to the actual borrower on a specific piece of property.

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Roping In That Loan Size & Speed Ya Need!

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Real Estate Returns To A More Normal Growth

0379 637486163868813724 According To Danielle Hale, Realtor.com’s Chief Economist, The More Bullish Outlook Predicted For This Year’s Real Estate Market Has Been Revised To Slip This Year, But Less Than 1%. She Expects Home Prices To Rebound More Convincingly In 2024.

According to Danielle Hale, Realtor.com’s chief economist, the more bullish outlook predicted for this year’s real estate market has been revised to slip this year, but less than 1%. She expects home prices to rebound more convincingly in 2024.

Although the pace of growth will be nothing like sellers or buyers witnessed during the past couple of years, it will be the real estate market’s normal pace.

When Zillow polled 117 economists and housing experts, their consensus was that home prices would increase at an annual rate of 3.5% until 2027.

“A return to more normal growth would be welcome after the rollercoaster ride that home prices have been on lately,” Jeff Tucker, Zillow’s senior economist said in the survey release.

The annual return on single-family homes reached nearly 13% between 2021-2022. In California, the appreciation was even higher. That’s a sharp contrast to so-called “normal growth”, which averaged an annual increase of 4.8% between 1987-2000.

Although housing prices may be declining in certain areas of California versus last year, they have been up month over month for the last three months.  Much of that increase is because of an imbalance in supply and demand. The number of previously owned homes on the market was at a record low in May, which helps to keep prices elevated.

Buyers are turning to new homes but with an eye to affordable ones. Buyers may find better deals later this year when price increases seen in spring and summer tend to slow down as the most popular time for homebuying winds down.

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North Bay Real Estate Statistic Comparing March 2021 to June 2023

Northbaycomps In The July 24, 2023 Issue Of The North Bay Business Journal, There Were Several Charts Comparing The State Of Real Estate In Four North Bay Counties: Napa, Solano, Marin &Amp; Sonoma, Between March 2021 And June 2023.


In the July 24, 2023 issue of the North Bay Business Journal, there were several charts comparing the state of real estate in four North Bay Counties: Napa, Solano, Marin & Sonoma, between March 2021 and June 2023.

While listings may be shrinking and the median days on the market may be lengthening, the median price of homes has maintained almost all the appreciation it acquired over the past two years.


  • New Listings: Mar.2021=178, June 2023 =130
  • Total Listings: Mar.2021 =353, June 2023 =356
  • Median Sales Price: Mar.2021 =$1,359,000, June 2023 =$1,697,500
  • Median Days on Market: Mar.2021 =60, June 2023 =66


  • New Listings: Mar.’21-504, June ’23-388
  • Total Listings: Mar.’21-651, June ’23 823
  • Median Sales Price: Mar.’21-$521,975, June ’23-$626,000
  • Median Days on Market: Mar.’21-26, June ’23-37


  • New Listings: Mar.2021 =356, June 2023 =264
  • Total Listings: Mar.2021 =466, June 2023 =543
  • Median Sales Price: Mar.2021 =$1,350,000, June 2023 =$1,425,500
  • Median Days of Market: Mar.2021 =41, June 2021 =53


  • New Listings: Mar.2021 =690, June 2023 =440
  • Total Listings: Mar.2021 =1104, June 2023 =1035
  • Median Sales Price: Mar. 2021 =$822,000, June 2023 =$1,124,000
  • Median Days on Market: Mar.2021 =42, June 2023 =47

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