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Spooktacular Loan of the Week!

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Spooktacular Loan of the Week!

We are privileged to have many Past Borrowers who have been placing their trust in us for the past 33 years.  Still here to help with our Private Money Loans: Get FAST Approvals!  Owner Occupied Financing Credit Issues Are Not A Problem  We Are A Direct Lender Our Spooktacular Loan of the Week A Broker…

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What Will This Fall Be Like in the Real Estate Market?

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What Will This Fall Be Like in the Real Estate Market

According to many experts, the California real estate market, along with the weather, is expected to cool off somewhat in the Fall. We are more likely to see something a little closer to normal, and yet the market is likely to stay highly competitive because there will still be many more buyers than sellers.  This…

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Direct Lending – Get Fast Financing!

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Does Your Buyer Need Loan Rescue

Carrying on the 3 decade legacy of our family owned and operated Private Money Lending Company. Submit Offers With 10-Day Close! Family Owned and Operated Credit Problems OK Jumbo Financing Provided for Buyers Call Us now at 707-523-2099 with any questions or scenarios or visit for more info.  We will quickly let you know…

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Real Estate Report on North Bay Counties for August

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So Many Mortgage Myths

Once again, the lack of inventory has been the biggest factor in the shaping of the real estate market for last month.  Too many Buyers, not enough Sellers.  Here are the single-family residences results for Sonoma, Marin, and Napa counties: Sonoma County: Into contract:  537 New listings:  451 (115% less than 8/2020) Closed:  585 Open…

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Thinking Of Moving Now That You Can Work From Home?

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Thinking Of Moving Now That You Can Work From Home 1

Before the pandemic, only 21% of individuals worked from home, but as you have probably discovered, remote work has become the new normal.  Studies have reported that over the next 5 years, 37.5% of workers will be working remotely in some capacity. This change in work requirements means that you can be more flexible in…

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4 Biggest Myths About Hard Money Loans

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4 Biggest Myths About Hard Money Loans

All real estate investing can be scary, but especially when talking about “hard money loans”.  In reality, hard money loans are fairly common when it comes to real estate investing.  By definition, hard money or privately funded loans, are just that: loans given by individuals instead of by a bank or traditional lending institution.  Despite…

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Need Help With That Loan?

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Need Help With That Loan

We Can Help You Like We Did Those Below: Need a Big Loan = We Do These! Difficult to Prove Income = OK! Credit Problems = No Problem! Get FAST Approvals! Continuing our 33 year legacy, we are here if you need us. Call today: 707-523-2099 with questions or scenarios and we’ll let you know…

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July Real Estate Market Statistics for Sonoma, Marin, and Napa Counties

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July Real Estate Market Statistics for Sonoma Marin and Napa Counties

It is no surprise that single family homes continued to be snatched up as quickly as they hit the market in July.  The data shows that available housing has continued to shrink even as the demand has escalated.  Here are the results for July 2020: Sonoma County Houses that went into escrow:  622 Closed escrow: …

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We’ve Got Your Back – Fast Loans!

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Weve Got Your Back – Fast Loans

Turned Down Elsewhere – We Can Help! FAST Approvals Trusted By Over 10,000 Borrowers Loans Up to 2+ Million! We’ve got your back, continuing our 33-year legacy of helping rescue any loan that needs fast funding or doesn’t quite qualify at this time.  We’ve got those FAST Private Money Loans! See how we can help,…

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Four Key Trends in Today’s Real Estate Market

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Four Key Trends in Todays Real Estate Market

As we move into the second half of the year, one thing is clear:  the current California real estate market is a “one off”.  Both buyers and sellers are affected by the mix of conditions we are experiencing today.  Here’s a look at four key components that are shaping this unique market: A Shortage of…

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