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Fast Loans – Halloween Specialty!

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Alternative Financing from the Guys in the White Hats

Alternative Financing from the Guys in the White Hats Take advantage of our Hard Money loan specialties for Halloween:  – Fast Approvals! Fast Fundings! – Financing for Owner Occupied, Non-Owner Occupied, Consumer & Business Purpose. – Self Employed not an issue. – Credit Not An Issue! Send us your scenarios! Call Today 707-523-2099. 

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Tired of Covid Stopping Loan Approval? See Our Loan of the Week!

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30 years in business

*Click above to play video and find out more* NO COVID Here, Just Fast Loan Approvals. Avoid Covid-19 regulations with our alternative financing programs and expect fast loan approvals! Call us today at 707-523-2099 or email us by clicking below.  Let us help you get that mortgage financed! Loan of the Week A Broker from…

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Have Tax Questions About Selling Your Home?

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Have Tax Questions About Selling Your Home

A recent article posted on Intuit’s Turbo Tax website addressed a series of questions and answers that every property seller should know before engaging in a real estate contract. This is good information to be aware of, thus our sharing.  Providing answers to these questions is “out of bounds” for anyone without the proper legal…

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Loan of the Week – Different With Experts

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New NorthBay biz play

(What Is Hard Money Really? Click above to play video and find out!) Let The Experts Help Get You Loan Approval Are you frustrated by not getting loan approval for a client? Let us help!  We do not have any covid regulations and in fact, have only 2 main qualifications: #1. If buying a property…

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Santa Rosa Sees New Interest from Buyers

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Santa Rosa Sees New Interest from Buyers

Santa Rosa Sees New Interest from Buyers Local Sonoma County Realtor, Jeff Schween, published an article in the Press Democrat on August 16, 2020 summarizing today’s happenings in the Santa Rosa real estate market.  He says we are seeing a shift in affluency from larger metro markets to nearby suburbia.  In the past, buyers looking…

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Wildfires and Sonoma County Real Estate Market

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While the fires have no doubt slowed real estate buying & selling activity in the North Bay for the time being, we know from past disaster experiences, that we can expect the market to tighten up.  With more demands for housing already existing within Sonoma County and surrounding regions – and the demands being placed…

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Breaking News – Loan of the Week

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breaking news turned down

We Help Despite Being Turned Down Elsewhere! For any client who is trying to refinance, buy a house or pull cash out but needs this done fast or is having difficulty elsewhere, we can help! Our Hard Money loan programs provide faster than usual funding AND can help those turned down elsewhere for FICO issues,…

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Giving More Approvals – Recently Funded

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trusted plain

We Make Home Loans Easier You can get your new mortgage or refinance approved easier with us. After 32 years of offering our Alternative Financing programs we can say with confidence our Hard Money loans are just easier, faster and have less qualification requirements than conventional and traditional financial institutions. Call Today 707-523-2099 with any…

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Second Half of 2020 Real Estate Market Looking Good

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Second Half of 2020 Real Estate Market Looking Good

Take a breath!  There’s good news ahead.  According to many economists we are going to start to see an economic rebound in the second half of this year.  Here’s a look at what some of the experts are saying: Jerome Powell, Federal Reserve Chairman: “I think there’s a good chance that there’ll be positive growth…

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Loan of the Week – Giving Faster Financing

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all here avengers

Loan of the Week We received a request from a Sonoma County Broker, who had a borrower with a note that had come due. Unfortunately, this borrower needed more time to repair her credit in order to qualify for conventional financing, so needed a short-term Hard Money loan. She required $550,000 to satisfy her present…

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