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Investing in Trust Deeds with Your 401K or IRA

Investing In Trust Deeds With Your 401K Or Ira

Many investors would like to increase their personal wealth with real estate property but dread all the work and responsibility that comes with the management and headaches inherent in rentals.  That is the reason wise investors have turned to Deeds of Trust, to realize more than average returns on their investment and avoid the hassles and potential nightmares of being a “landlord”.

Buying Trust Deeds turns you into a real estate lender and a passive owner of property.  You supply the mortgage and in return receive monthly payments of interest and have the loan paid off over time (which can be for as little as six months to one year).

When this investment is undertaken with money from your IRA or 401K, the payments can either be reinvested into your IRA to grow tax-free or can be taken as withdrawals to meet your minimum withdrawal requirements.

Since IRAs are designed to hold investments on a long-term basis, Trust Deeds have become a financially desirable addition to retirement portfolios.  Also, the rates on the return are attractive enough to make it a worthwhile option for IRAs or 401 plans. Our Trust Deeds earn interest rates up to 12-13%.

We here at Sun Pacific Mortgage do all the “heavy lifting” for our investors.  Our due diligence in obtaining the necessary background information on both property and borrower creates a safety net for your hard-earned investment funds.

With our long reputable 33+ years of honest lending opportunities, we guarantee secure and vetted lending of trust deeds for our investors.

If you are seeking another avenue to diversify your retirement holdings and to gain more profitable returns on your investments, give Sun Pacific Mortgage a call at 707-523-2099 or email us through our website www.sunpacmortgage.com to expand your investing opportunities.

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