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Is 2017 The Year Of Real Estate Investing?

1 1 Recently A Chief Economist For Fannie Mae, Douglas Duncan, Told A Group Of Financial Professionals He Sees No Recession In Sight.  His Group Forecasts The Economy Will Grow By A Conservative 2% This Year.  But, He Added, “Frankly, From A Housing Perspective, I Think There Will Be A Strong Growth.”

Recently a chief economist for Fannie Mae, Douglas Duncan, told a group of financial professionals he sees no recession in sight.  His group forecasts the economy will grow by a conservative 2% this year.  But, he added, “Frankly, from a housing perspective, I think there will be a strong growth.”

Mr. Douglas is particularly optimistic regarding the growth of Baby Boomers as real estate investors.  Many of them may choose to downsize or relocate as they get closer to retirement.  Another group he sees showing interest in buying homes is the Millennials, particularly older ones who may have been renting single-family homes up until now and consider the time is right to buy.

With this information in mind, it looks like investing in real estate could offer a solid foundation for wealth growth – be it as an Investor for additional monthly income on rentals or as homeowners who benefit with tax write-offs and equity growth in their home.

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