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Pride of Ownership: Help Your Buyers Get Their Pride

Pride of Ownership:
Help Your Buyers Get Their Pride

By Broker, Owner

From Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary…pride noun, b: a reasonable or justifiable self-respect.

That is why a person has almost a compulsion about buying a home. That “justifiable self-respect”. That “I did it” feeling when you get handed your very first set of keys to your home. It’s not like renting your first apartment. That’s a pretty good feeling but it’s not Pride of Ownership.

The funny thing is you don’t really know that that is what is compelling you. It’s almost innate that you are drawn to owning your own home. Now you might also be drawn to getting out of your parents house as a young adult but that may be more hormonal than innate. That would be more a Doctors Viewpoint than a Lenders Viewpoint!

I think it boils down to the security of it from a couple of angles. Back in caveman days I could see the security of having your own cave and guarding that cave. I have seen a rash of man-caves at homes I have been in recently. Same idea. Similarly today you have that security as well as security from the elements. You also have the fact that no one can take it from you as you own it. That security. You can do with it as you see fit. You can decorate it to your tastes, you can paint it any color you desire, you can move walls, change the structure, landscape it any way you want, etc.

Think about this. Picture the last time you felt pride. Nice feeling right? As a homeowner you get that every time you pull into your driveway, or play ball with your child in your yard, or water your lawn, or change a light bulb in your home, or clean out the gutters in your home, or cook in your kitchen, or go to your mailbox, etc., etc., etc.

That’s why you buy a home. That’s why you figure out what it takes you, using all your resources, to get the job done. Despite being turned down for a bank loan there are Hard Money loans available to those who want to take advantage of the current housing market and really want that Pride of Ownership – get yours today!

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