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Recently Funded – New Resolution

Recently Funded – New Resolution

It’s not just a brand-new year, it’s a brand-new decade.  So how about making this year’s resolutions about your real estate financing be based on proven successes and real testimonials of so many happy borrowers?  

If you, a client or friend need fast financing or were turned down elsewhere, we can help with our Hard Money alternative financing programs. 

Call today 707-523-2099 with your scenario.  We’ll let you know how we can help you accomplish your New Year’s real estate finance resolutions!

Recently Funded Loans

Location:  Tiburon, Marin County
Finance Program: Temporary Refinance for additional business-purpose cash.
Loan Size: $320,000 with 19% LTV
Days To Finish: 20
Why Came To Us: Had poor credit so working to improve this by doing debt consolidation. 

Location:  Los Angeles, LA County
Finance Program: Short term refinance of primary residence
Loan Size: $270,000 with 62% LTV
Days To Finish: 2
Why Came To Us: Self-employed with difficult to prove income. 

Location:  Sacramento, Sacramento County
Finance Program: Primary residence cash-out refinance
Loan Size: $310,000 with 56% LTV
Days To Finish: 12
Why Came To Us: Credit scores were too low for a loan elsewhere. 

Location:  Palm Springs, Riverside County
Finance Program: Non-Owner/Investment Property Cash-Out 
Loan Size: $409,000 with 64% LTV
Days To Finish: 3
Why Came To Us: Needed fast financing to close on an investment deal. 

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