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We Won’t “Leaf” You Hanging with Hard Money Loans!

Fast Hard Money Loan Approval When Turned Down Elsewhere

“[The Sun Pacific Team] pulled through last minute for us to get the loan we needed to save our house! From start to finish they made everything smooth and instructions were always clear and answered quickly. We are so grateful to have found them to help us during an otherwise stressful time. Highly recommend!!” – C.L.

Fast Approval When Turned Down Elsewhere

Local Mortgage Broker:  Hi. I have been trying for almost a month now to get my borrower’s loan through our Underwriters, and time is up for her.  She is about 7 months shy of having her credit good enough for a home refinance. The loan amount is $540,000 with a 65% loan to value.  Can you help?

Us: Yes, we can. Send us her loan application and we’ll get right onto it.

Within 48 hours we had loan approval, a very relieved borrower, and a happy Broker.

Call Us today at 707-523-2099.  We are fast and won’t “leaf” you hanging, wondering if you have loan approval or not!

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