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Wave Breaking Speed – Big Loan of the Week

Image5 We’ve Got Those Fast Private Money Programs That Can Get Your Home Purchase Or Refiance Funded Just In Time For Summer!  See Below For Our Loan Of The Week:

We’ve got those FAST Private Money Programs that can get your home purchase or refiance funded just in time for Summer!  See below for our Loan of the Week:

Loan of the Week

Broker reached out about a Homebuyer who needed a fast $799,000 loan to complete a purchase with close of Escrow in just 2 weeks.  Buyer had credit over 750, made great monthly income, had a good down payment but wanted to buy in an LLC so was being turned down by Underwriting.

We had no issue with this and we’re able to “make waves” with our unique private money program, getting this loan financed in just 8 days!

Visit our website or just call 707-523-2099 and we’ll let you know how we can work together to get the fast financing you need.

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