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This Quick Draw Duo Wrangles In Loans!

April 3 We Have 1 Main Qualification:  At Least 25% Down Payment Or Good Existing Equity.We Wrangle In Those Loans Turned Down Elsewhere!

We have 1 main qualification:  At least 25% down payment or good existing equity.

How about letting us help wrangle in that loan your local Lender has turned down?!  We pay full commission to licensed Brokers as well as can pay referral fees to those who bring a business purpose loan to us that we fund.  See how we were recently able to help the Borrower below:

Loan of the Week

Program: Investment Property Financing
Loan Size: 862k
Days to Fund: 13 days
Location: El Dorado County
Reason Came To Us: A Mortgage Broker contacted us about a Borrower in need of a 860k refinance on his home, but due to poor credit after a difficult divorce and high DTI, he wasn’t qualifying for a conventional loan.  This is where our Quick-Draw Duo wrangled in that loan and within short order, the relieved Borrower and his Mortgage Broker had a completed loan through our family company!

This Quick Draw Due is at your service.  We won’t hesitate to help you or someone you know if we can, so send us your scenario today by email or phone at 707-523-2099, or visit our website at www.sunpacificmortgage.com.

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