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Accomplish Your “Catch of the Day” With Hard Money

Bigfish I Had A Realtor And His Buyer Call Me, Wanting A Fast Loan.  The Buyer Didn’t Want To Miss Out On A Good Property Buy In San Mateo County.  He Was Able To Do A 35% Down Payment But Needed A $460K Loan To Complete The Purchase.

Investment Purchase Loan
Daly City, California

I had a Realtor and his Buyer call me, wanting a fast loan.  The Buyer didn’t want to miss out on a good property buy in San Mateo County.  He was able to do a 35% down payment but needed a $460K loan to complete the purchase.

With our Hard Money programs, getting fast real estate financing for that loan to value on a non-owner purchase was easy.  Both Realtor and client were very appreciative to get the loan done in 8 days.  Now that’s what I call a great catch of the day!

If you or someone you know needs a fast loan or is having difficulty with loan approval for a purchase or even a refinance, call 707-523-2099, we are here to help.

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