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Temporary Purchase Loan in San Francisco

Sf These Particular Home Buyers Were Referred To Me After Being Turned Down By Their Local Bank.  They Were Just About To Sign The Closing Papers At Escrow For Their New Home,  But Final Loan Approval Fell Through.  They Needed A Fast Bridge Loan So They Wouldn’t Miss Out On The New House They Wanted!

These particular home buyers were referred to me after being turned down by their local bank.  They were just about to sign the closing papers at Escrow for their new home,  but final loan approval fell through.  They needed a fast bridge loan so they wouldn’t miss out on the new house they wanted!

They still lived in their house in San Francisco,  but wanted to move to a new home in a different San Francisco neighborhood and needed a $430,000 temporary home loan to make this happen. We were happy to make this happen for them.

In just over 2 weeks, I got their loan approved and funded so they could sign and close on their new home.

We specialize in financing loans that have been turned down elsewhere.  Any credit issues, difficult to prove income, property condition, etc. – not a problem!

Call our office at 707-523-2099 if you need some alternative financing for any real estate purchase or refinance.  We are happy to help!

Visit our San Francisco website at: http://www.sanfranciscohardmoneylenders.com/

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