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Get a Head Start on the Holidays with Hard Money

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Mortgage Rates – Its How You View The Outcome

As you have seen, the housing market values are only going up.   Despite news about rates increasing, the interest rates are still within the range of 50 year lows!  The bottom in home prices and interest rates has passed. Waiting no longer makes sense.

I have saved the bacon for agents and conventional lenders on multiple transactions this year, closing many of them in a week.  I have also helped many, many individuals (and families) over the years consolidate their debts or get a loan against their existing equity for use over the Holidays.  It is always a nice feeling to have extra cash over the Holidays either to make it less stressful or to be able to give more.  If turned down elsewhere, I most likely can help if they have a decent down payment or other equity to work with.

Basically considered “all cash”, such loans are extra strong and can be used to purchase or refinance dump property, bad credit

borrower, irregular income borrower, large cash out borrower, Bridge loans, etc.

Some timely articles make good mention on the value of homeownership:

Fannie Mae “Homes have accounted for 23.5% of American’s wealth on average since 1959. That’s nearly double the proportion U.S. households and nonprofits have invested in stocks.”

Wall Street Journal “A measure of owners’ equity as a share of the value of real-estate holdings hit 53.6% in the second quarter, up from 53.2% in the first quarter and below 50% a year earlier. For most Americans, a home is their biggest asset, so the growing level of home equity suggests improvements in the economy are now reaching more Americans.”

If rents go up in the next 30 years at the same rate they did over the prior 30 years then someone renting today for $1,600 will be paying $4,496 in 30 years. Why rent when you could buy?

Don’t be 30 years older, paying an outrageous rent and no accumulated wealth because you paid your landlords mortgage for all that time.  An increase in rates will obviously impact each home owner’s monthly mortgage payment so if you wait, you will end up just having to pay more!

Whether you get a hard money loan to purchase your home now or you get a bank loan, it has the same outcome: Home ownership is not only desirable, it is the correct financial decision to make right now.



Approval is based on just 2 criteria:

1. Good Down Payment or Decent Equity

2. Ability to Repay

• FAST private money purchase financing throughout California.

• Owner Occupied, Investor financing, Commercial and some Land Financing

• FICO is not a factor.

• Up to 75% loan to value, Case by case basis.

• Loan amounts starting at $100,000.

• Lower rates with Good Compensating Factors, Case by case basis.

• Fast refinancing.


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