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Strange & Scary Loans Don’t Frighten Us!

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Strange Scary Loans Don’t Frighten Us

“I would like to buy a particular house, but it needs fixing.  I haven’t been able to get loan approval despite numerous attempts elsewhere – I think the condition has scared everyone away.  Can you help me with a Hard Money loan?” This was the question posed to us a few weeks ago, by a Flipper in San Mateo.

Strange and scary property conditions are not an issue for our programs, so we weren’t frightened off.  We got right to work and had his loan scenario approved within 48 hours!

He got a business-purpose refinance using another one of his properties.  This gave him the $400,000 loan he needed and in less than 3 weeks, he had new house keys in hand!

Don’t let a strange loan scenario scare you off. Call us at 707-523-2099 to find out how we can get that loan approved!

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