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Turned Down Elsewhere for Home Loan?

Turned Down Elsewhere For Home Loan

We are Direct Private Money Lenders – The Guys in the White Hats

We offer FAST private money financing for your real estate needs:

– Direct Lenders
– FAST Loans
– More forgiving qualifications with NO covid regulations.

Loan of the Week

A Broker from Santa Clara called us, requesting fast help with a client she had.  This particular Homeowner was looking for a fast refinance and cash-out of their primary residence, so they could purchase an investment property for 560K.

They were in Escrow and his loan had just fallen through, due to some trouble with proof of income.  He was about to lose out on a great investment purchase, so his Broker made the smart move and brought him to us for fast financing.

With an LTV of just 48%, in 9 days we had his refinance approved, through Escrow and his new investment property keys in hand!


Get trusted and friendly service from our family owned & operated company, in business over 32 years.

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