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How Effective Are Your Negotiating Skills?

How Effective Are Your Negotiating Skills

There is no better way to secure your effectiveness as a negotiator than by truly being the guy in the “white hat”.  To distinguish yourself from the “black hats”, you must communicate your honesty and integrity to potential clients. You prove your dependability by quickly returning phone calls, turning around paperwork in a timely manner, and generally, providing value and making your client’s experience a little less stressful.  

Initially, nothing wins over a client more than a salesperson who listens intently to what they have to say.  Understanding the client’s problems and wishes achieves a favorable communication breakthrough in the negotiation process.  Your first conversations should help you distinguish what the client’s needs really are in relation to your dealings with him.  It is essential that you make no commitments that you cannot keep. It is always better to “under commit” and “over perform” rather than the reverse.  

Don’t be afraid to acknowledge that you do not have an answer to a question but be prompt in finding the solution/answer and getting back to the client.

There is truth to the statement: “Either you control the deal, or the deal controls you”.  Clearly defining the clients’ needs and listening to their concerns are helpful in controlling the direction of the deal.  

Bottom line for any successful negotiation is that both parties go away feeling that they have been heard and the resolution has been a “win-win”.   Both parties must believe that the agreement is satisfactory.

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