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Good News For Real Estate Investing

1 As A Real Estate Investor You Are Naturally Concerned With The Appreciation Of Your Property.  Well, Here’s Some Good News:  The Bay Area Saw An Average Of 8 Percent Annual Home Price Appreciation From January Through April Of 2017.  This Information Comes From Selma Hepp, Pacific Union’s Chief Economist.  

As a real estate Investor you are naturally concerned with the appreciation of your property.  Well, here’s some good news:  the Bay Area saw an average of 8 percent annual home price appreciation from January through April of 2017.  This information comes from Selma Hepp, Pacific Union’s Chief Economist.  

Below is a summary of the 10 Bay Area ZIP codes that experienced the largest housing price gains and losses as of April.

This information presents an attractive incentive to look at real estate trust deed investments as a viable option for wealth growth.

We offer such trust deeds for California real estate investing.   Here is some further information from our website directly as to how we operate and how you can earn 10-13% return on your investment:  https://www.sunpacificmortgage.com//hard-money-investor-tutorial/

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