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Feeling Strange About Hard Money? Let Us Show You Our Magic!


Jumbo Loan Funded Magically Fast

A Home Buyer was referred to us by his Lender because he need a few more months to fix some “strange” credit issues before he could qualify for a conventional loan. But neither of them wanted to wait or they would miss out on a great investment purchase in Napa. This is when they came to us.

The Buyer had a significant amount of money for a down payment but the loan size he needed was still quite large, at $1,750,000.00. Well, this didn’t phase us. We worked our Hard Money magic and within just 7 days, we had this loan approved, funded and cash in hand for that great investment purchase!

There is nothing strange about Hard Money.
– It is fast! (Many loans funded in less than a week)
– Just two main qualifications: 1. Decent down payment or good existing equity and
2. Ability to repay the loan (source of income).

If you or a client runs into any strange loan approval issues, don’t hesitate to Call Today at 707-523-2099 so we can help with our “Magical” Hard Money programs!

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