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Don’t Get Left In The Dark – Use Hard Money!

1 We Won’t Leave You Waiting Or Wondering If You Have Loan Approval.  We Are Fast In Getting Approvals And Getting Your Loan Funded. We Have Gotten Many Loans Done In Less Than 1 Week!

We won’t leave you waiting or wondering if you have loan approval.  We are FAST in getting approvals and getting your loan funded. We have gotten many loans done in less than 1 week!

See below for multiple scenarios that we got done FAST.

We are here to help you, a client or someone you know get their loan approved! Call Us Today at 707-523-2099.


Funded Loans By Us

Includes: Single Family Houses, Condos, Principal Residences, Multi-Family Units, Commercial & Office

$990,000 – Santa Rosa, Sonoma County
Owner Occupied Bridge Loan
65% Loan to value
7 Days to fund!

$1,312,000 – West Hollywood, Beverly Hills County
Non-Owner Purchase
67% Loan to value
10 Days to fund!

$250,000 – Hope Ranch, Santa Barbara County
Non-Owner Refinance
60% Loan to value
18 Days to fund!

$1,100,000 – Santa Rosa, Sonoma County
Commercial Purchase
55% Loan to value
14 Days to fund!

$750,000 – Napa, Napa County
Owner Occupied Bridge
70% Loan to value
19 Days to fund!

$337,500 – San Leandro, Alameda County
Non-Owner Purchase
70% Loan to value
21 Days to fund

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