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California Private Money: The Bridge To Your Future Home!

Bridgeloans After 35 Years Of Experience, We Are Specialists At Helping Bridge The Distance For Individuals Who Want To Buy A New Home Before Selling Their Current House, Or In Need Of Fast Financing For A Stronger Cash-Like Offer. Let Us Help You Or A Family Member With Our Popular Private Money Bridge Loan Program Like We Did Below:After 35 years of experience, we are specialists at helping bridge the distance for individuals who want to buy a new home before selling their current house, or in need of FAST financing for a stronger cash-like offer. Let us help you or a family member with our popular Private Money Bridge loan program like we did below:

Loan of the Week

Program: Bridge Purchase
Loan Size: 1.2 million
Location: San Luis Obispo County
Reason Came To Us: A homebuyer came to us for some fast help. Their financing was disapproved at the last minute by the Underwriter, due to last minute increase of debt-to-income ratios.  With the help of our Private Money programs, we were able to use the equity in his current property to help purchase the home he was already in Escrow on to buy.  We were able to rapidly get him approved and loan fully completed in just 13 days!

Here at Sun Pacific Mortgage, we work with homebuyers and offer our Bridge loan program to help those in need of FAST financing to purchase another home before selling their current house, or are having difficulty elsewhere getting a mortgage.

Give us a call at 707-523-2099 or visit our website www.sunpacificmortgage.com. We will quickly let you know what we can do to help you or your family member bridge the distance to a future home!

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