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Unique Alternative Financing!

Unique Alternative Financing

Unable to get a home loan or refinance because you just missed out on qualifying for conventional financing?  Need a FAST loan? We are uniquely qualified to help with our Hard Money Loan Programs: 

 One-of-a-kind Alt-A Hard Money Program with rates as low as *6%.

 Fastest funding within 48 hours.

Hard Money Loan of the Week

A Mortgage Broker called us up, hoping to get quick assistance for his client.  She had been to a few other lending institutions and was starting to worry she couldn’t get a loan, due to some issues with proving income.  

She owned an investment property in Granada Hills of San Fernando Valley and was hoping to use the equity to get a short-term loan of $454,000.  All she wanted to do was consolidate high credit card debt and handle some other bills. 

This wasn’t a problem for us.  Within just 12 days, at a 56% Loan To Value, we had her Hard Money loan financed and money in hand!

If you have any questions or scenarios you would like us to review, call 707-523-2099.  We will quickly show you how to make getting a loan less terrifying. 

*APR for this rate based on a $200,000 first mortgage is 6.31%.

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