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Recently Funded – Make it an Alt-A Christmas!

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We hope to make your holidays brighter by offering up our uniquely fast, smooth and lower-rate alternative financing program for your real estate needs. 

Let’s make it the best Alt-A Christmas ever! 

 We provide FAST Closing – have your loan done before the holidays!
 In business 3 decades – almost as long as Santa.
 We are family owned and operated – with over 10,000 happy borrowers!
 Lower Hard Money rates – as low as 6%*.

Call today 707-523-2099, we’ll let you know quickly how we can help make your holidays brighter!

Recently Funded Loans

Location:  Santa Rosa, Sonoma County 
Loan Program: Investment Property Refinance
Loan Size: $550,000 with 68% LTV
Why Came To Sun Pacific: Having difficulty getting financing elsewhere due to “owning too many properties” and debt to income ratio. 
Days To Finish: 12

Location:  Bell, Los Angeles County
Loan Size: $409,000 with 64% LTV
Loan Program: Business Purpose Refinance of Investment Property
Why Came To Sun Pacific: Poor credit so wanted to consolidate business debt and personal high-cost credit cards. 
Days To Finish: 14

Location:  Walnut Creek, Contra Costa County
Loan Program: Temporary Refinance of Primary Residence 
Loan Size: $350,000 with 26% LTV
Why Came To Sun Pacific: Credit wasn’t good enough due to recent divorce but needed fast cash. 
Days To Finish: 13

Location:  San Diego, San Diego County
Loan Size: $320,000 with 70% LTV
Loan Program: Temporary Refinance on Primary Residence
Why Came To Sun Pacific: Self-employed with difficult to prove income. 
Days To Finish: 9


*APR for this rate based on a $200,000 first mortgage is 6.31%. 

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“The Guy In The White Hat – Your Hard Money Lender”. Broker and Co-Owner of Sun Pacific Mortgage & Real Estate, family owned and operated in Sonoma County California since 1988.