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Loan of the Week – Stop Turning Clients Down

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If Turned Down Elsewhere We Can Help!

We developed the idea of helping Borrowers who were “Turned Down Elsewhere” over 32 years ago.

With Hard Money financing, just picture what we can do for you and/or your Borrower: Get that loan funded!  And fast! 

There’s that Borrower who has something in their profile making them less than “A” quality, thus not qualifying for conventional financing. Maybe it’s a little thing, maybe it’s something really bad.  Whatever it is we have probably encountered it and then solved it in the thousands of transactions we have done over the past 3 decades – such as the following:

Loan of the Week

We received a request from a Mortgage Broker who had a self-employed Borrower that was having difficulty getting approval due to debt to income ratios.

By this time, the Borrow was looking for fast financing to purchase a rental property in Sonoma County and secure the loan for 2 years.  He needed a very quick close or he would lose the opportunity.

In short order we had this $449,00 loan approved and they closed escrow in 16 days! Happy Broker and happy borrower who was previously turned down elsewhere.

We are available to help at 707-523-2099.

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