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Higher Mortgages are Here to Stay for the Foreseeable Future

Private Lender An Article In Nerdwallet Caught My Attention Recently. It Stated That The Era Of Low Mortgage Rates Is Over And Embracing This Reality Will Speed Up Owning A House That Meets Your Needs.

An article in NerdWallet caught my attention recently. It stated that the era of low mortgage rates is over and embracing this reality will speed up owning a house that meets your needs.

Low rates were the norm for 11 years, as the 30-year mortgage remained below 5% from February 2011 to April 2022. Since that time, it has remained mostly above 5% averaging 6.72% in June 2023. And now in August of 2023 it’s gone up just above 7%.

Buyers are tempted to be in denial, but the reality is higher rates are here to stay for the near future.

“People are still working through their five stages of grief on this mortgage rate stuff,” says Lisa Sturtevant, chief economist for Bright MLS, the real estate listing service for the mid-Atlantic region. “And I think you have to reach the stage of acceptance at some point that certainly rates aren’t going to come down to where we were back during 2020 and 2021.” (When the median 30-year rate was 2.99%.)

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