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Can’t Afford a Professional Stager for Your Home Sale?

Can’t Afford A Professional Stager For Your Home Sale

While we have all witnessed the dramatic transformations on HGTV when a home is put on the market, we are pretty sure the price is more than most of us can afford.  So, what can we do to make our listings as attractive as possible without breaking the bank? Here are a couple of tips that might help and save you money, too: 

  • Fluffy white towels:  Bathrooms are the second most important room and selling feature of your home (right after kitchens).  You can freshen up a tired bathroom with a six-pack of premium soft white hand towels for under $15.00 from Walmart (a good place to find staging props).  Roll them up and place them in an attractive basket or simply pile them up on the counter. In the master bath you might want to fold them by the tub to give a spa like feel.
  • Round Accent Mirror:  Mirrors always make a room look larger and they go with any style or age of the home.  Use them above an entryway or hallway table. They make a good filler for an empty wall.
  • Fake plants:  A simple plant, such as a fern, especially one that looks strikingly realistic, can draw a buyer’s attention to a certain area or piece that would otherwise go unnoticed.  Faux plants have come a long way these days. 
  • Flameless candles:  LED flameless pillar candles add a warm glow for less than $20 at Walmart.  Place them on a tray and use them on a coffee table or dining table.
  • Print arts:  A large art print creates a focal point.  Consider packing away all your personal photos a replacing them with a reasonably priced art print (again from Walmart or Pier 1).  If it is the right size for the space, it can add a sleek, modern feel to the room.
  • Colorful pillows:  Every room needs a splash of color and there is no more economical way to provide that touch than a pillow.  These can add a pop of color for under $15.

You can make your listing look like a professional staging job with just a little effort and minimal expense.  Take some tips from the many home shows on HGTV, become your own DIY decorator and very likely capture a higher sales price for your house!


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