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How To Say Goodbye To Your Home

1 1 Since The Sonoma And Napa Fires We Have Been Forced To Think About Saying “Goodbye” To Many Things, Not The Least Of Which Is Our Home.  Those Who Are Fortunate Enough To Sell Their Home To A Willing Buyer, May Also Experience A Great Sense Of Loss.   Our Home Is The Place Where We Find Comfort And Security,  And Where We Have Made Hundreds Of Memories Over The Years We Have Lived There.

Since the Sonoma and Napa fires we have been forced to think about saying “Goodbye” to many things, not the least of which is our home.  Those who are fortunate enough to sell their home to a willing buyer, may also experience a great sense of loss.   Our home is the place where we find comfort and security,  and where we have made hundreds of memories over the years we have lived there.

So how might we say “Farewell, dear friend” to the four walls that have seen so much of our lives…our laughter, our tears, our sorrows and our happiness?  The following are just a few suggestions gleaned from some military families who have learned to leave their homes over and over when duty calls.

One family said it helps to visit each room together sharing a special memory associated with that space.  As you leave each room, say “Goodbye, room” and move on to the next.

Another helpful ritual is to take a photo of the house that you are leaving to help remember the years spent in that home.  Even better is videotaping each room before you move.  

And, lastly, rather than leaving behind gorgeous plants and fruit trees that you’ve spent years nurturing, take seeds with you as a way to carry your old home to your new home.

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