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Why Buy A Home Now?

Oct 19, 2021 (0) comment , , , , , , , ,

Why Buy a Home Now 1

The financial benefits of buying a home will always be debatable, but one element is non-refutable—the ability to build wealth. These past couple of years have only confirmed this belief with appreciation recorded at unheard of rates.  The National Association of Realtors reported that the average gain for single-family homeowners over the last five years…

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Real Estate Report on North Bay Counties for August

Sep 28, 2021 (0) comment , , , , , , , , ,

So Many Mortgage Myths

Once again, the lack of inventory has been the biggest factor in the shaping of the real estate market for last month.  Too many Buyers, not enough Sellers.  Here are the single-family residences results for Sonoma, Marin, and Napa counties: Sonoma County: Into contract:  537 New listings:  451 (115% less than 8/2020) Closed:  585 Open…

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Thinking Of Moving Now That You Can Work From Home?

Sep 21, 2021 (0) comment , , , , , , , ,

Thinking Of Moving Now That You Can Work From Home 1

Before the pandemic, only 21% of individuals worked from home, but as you have probably discovered, remote work has become the new normal.  Studies have reported that over the next 5 years, 37.5% of workers will be working remotely in some capacity. This change in work requirements means that you can be more flexible in…

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Real Estate Statistics for July 2021 – San Francisco Peninsula Areas

Aug 24, 2021 (0) comment , , , , , , ,

Real Estate Market Results for San Francisco Peninsula Areas

Reports for last month show that the Peninsula is still a hot commodity. Homes are flying off the shelf with selling prices well above the asking price. Buyers can still expect to engage in bidding wars knowing that unless they get creative with their offer, they will probably lose out. All you need to do…

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July Real Estate Market Statistics for Sonoma, Marin, and Napa Counties

Aug 17, 2021 (0) comment , , , , , ,

July Real Estate Market Statistics for Sonoma Marin and Napa Counties

It is no surprise that single family homes continued to be snatched up as quickly as they hit the market in July.  The data shows that available housing has continued to shrink even as the demand has escalated.  Here are the results for July 2020: Sonoma County Houses that went into escrow:  622 Closed escrow: …

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Four Key Trends in Today’s Real Estate Market

Aug 10, 2021 (0) comment , , , , , , , , ,

Four Key Trends in Todays Real Estate Market

As we move into the second half of the year, one thing is clear:  the current California real estate market is a “one off”.  Both buyers and sellers are affected by the mix of conditions we are experiencing today.  Here’s a look at four key components that are shaping this unique market: A Shortage of…

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To Renovate or Not to Renovate Before You Sell

Jun 22, 2021 (0) comment , , , , , , , , ,

To Renovate or Not to Renovate Before You Sell

When deciding to sell here in California, some homeowners feel they need to get their houses ready to make it more appealing to Home Buyers.  Before deciding on this choice, here’s a few things to keep in mind: There is a shortage of homes right now.  In a “normal” market there would be a 6-month…

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Listing Prices Have Become a New Starting Point

Jun 15, 2021 (0) comment , , , , , , , ,

Listing Prices Have Become a New Starting Point

Gone are the days, at least for the immediate present, when the listing price was the point where the buyer started from and worked downward in the negotiating process.  Today, in the Peninsula and Northern Bay Areas, with the record-low supply of homes for sale coupled with very strong buyer demand, the list price is…

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North Bay Real Estate Trends for February 2021

Apr 06, 2021 (0) comment , , , , , , , , , ,

2773005319 full

Looking at all the homes and condos for sale in the northern California counties of Lake, Marin, Mendocino, Napa, Solano, and Sonoma Counties at the end of February, there were just 1,431 on the market.  This is the lowest inventory amount since 2005 and 2% below that of January.  This region generally enjoys a Spring…

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The California Housing Market: Trends and Forecast 2021

Mar 30, 2021 (0) comment , , , , , , , , ,

The California Housing Market Trends and Forecast 2021

There is little doubt that the California housing market forecast is projected to be positive.  CAR conducted a survey and found the following opinions generally held by most of the experts: Buyers, sellers, and agents agreed that home prices will likely remain on their upward trend in the short term. 60% of agents believe that…

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