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Top 10 Reasons For Hard Money Today

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We have always enjoyed watching David Letterman’s The Late Night Show and realized just as he had his “Top 10 reasons”, there are Top 10 Reasons to use Hard Money in today’s market:

  1. You have written 11 [unaccepted] offers and now want to make the stronger offer.
  2. You or your client needs a fast Bridge Loan to buy a new home for the family, before they sell the house currently being lived in.
  3. A home loan was just declined by the bank that approved you or your client a month earlier for something on the credit report that somehow was missed at the start.
  4. You want to consolidate some high-cost debt, have equity in your home so are looking to refinance but your Lender and local bank turned you down.
  5. You have the “perfect loan” for a bank: Great credit, perfect income and big down payment. But the property in question needs fixing – Banks hate dumpy properties.
  6. Three words: “Fourteen” – “Day” – “Escrow”! (Our latest record is 3 days!)
  7. Money is needed for your long-awaited home remodel but your FICO is not good enough due to medical or student bills.
  8. There was a recent Bankruptcy or a short sale not too long ago.
  9. A Foreclosure occurred on your home or an investment property you owned.
  10. And the #1 Reason… As a Hard Money Lender for almost 30 years – we say YES when others say no!

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