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Increase Your Wealth While Paying Your Mortgage

Increase Your Wealth While Paying Your Mortgage

Home ownership is a unique opportunity to use housing costs to build wealth over time.  

The NAR (National Association of Realtors) recently published a report which broke down the equity gained from appreciation and principal payments.  According to this report, homeowners who purchased their home five years ago realized an 80% gain in appreciation alone. In California that amounts to a significant growth in one’s financial well-being.

Your home is one of the only investments you can live in as you pay it off.  Recently, we have seen significant growth in equity wealth. Even though this phenomenon may be slowing somewhat, especially in California it remains one of the easiest ways to accumulate and gain financial security.  

In 2006, we saw that people unwisely used their homes as ATMs.  They purchased new cars, boats, and lavish vacations. We saw how that ended, and it appears that we have learned our lesson.  Today cashed-out equity is being used for less frivolous reasons, like consolidating debt or for college tuition. Most of us are counting on this wealth to supplement our retirement income.

If you have been hesitant about refinancing your home or getting into real estate investments because of qualifying concerns, there is hope for you!  Hard money loans may just be the answer you are seeking. Sun Pacific Mortgage offers several programs which can benefit your investment issues and allow you to start on your journey toward wealth and financial stability.  Call us at 707-523-2099 to discuss your first steps.

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