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What Are Homeowners’ Biggest Concerns?


Buying a home in California is one of the biggest purchases we will most likely make in our lifetime.

There was a good article recently from Pacific Union about homebuying (see link below).

This experience is a major investment in time, money, and emotions.  The process can definitely be intimidating for first time home buyers, particularly.

And the anxiety doesn’t end when the papers are signed.  There are worries that plague every homeowner even after the keys have been delivered.  Here are some helpful tips to benefit new homeowners in today’s market:

1. Being “House Poor”:

This is a situation where the person is paying a large amount of their total income just to maintain the roof over their head.  These people have little discretionary income and might even find it difficult to cover other financial obligations.  Knowing what your budget can afford before beginning your house hunt will prevent you from falling into this trap.

2. Not Understanding Escrow, Mortgage, and Taxes:

Real estate terms and procedures can be very confusing for the uninitiated.  Having your agent and/or broker explain terms and processes in laymen’s terms is critical if you are to feel confident making this major decision.

3. Unexpected Expensive Home Projects:

No one expects to be buying a “money pit”, but if a home inspection does not reveal a potential problem, the buyer needs to be prepared to pay for the repairs.  For this reason it is mandatory to review disclosures and pest reports so you can plan.

4. New Neighborhood and Neighbors:

Do your homework before you move in.  Take a few tests runs at various times of the day and night to get a feel for commute times and any environmental issues, like noise.  Get to know your neighbors. They can be a great source of information regarding service providers.

Worrying and anxiety over a home purchase in California does not necessarily indicate regrets, even though studies have shown that half of home buyers would change some aspect of their buying experience.  In the end homeownership is very exciting and few regret their decision to embark on this adventure.

If you are looking to purchase a home in San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles County, Santa Rosa, or other areas in California, consider our Hard Money loan programs as an alternative financing option. Call for a free consultation today, (707) 523-2099.

Pacific Union article: http://blog.pacificunion.com/what-are-new-homeowners-biggest-worries/

Get Ready For Spring!


The National Association of Realtors (NAR) recently reported that the top 10 dates Sellers listed their homes in 2016 were mostly all in April, May or June.  If you are considering taking advantage of this “real estate season”, it is time to examine your best mortgage options.  

If you should find yourself in a situation where you stumble on your dream home, but have not sold your present one, fear not, a Bridge Loan can rescue you (https://www.sunpacificmortgage.com//blogs/bridge-loan-beneficial/).

This loan option is often preferred over a contingency offer, especially in a hot real estate market.  With a Bridge Loan the buyer can make a clean offer assuring the seller he has a firm commitment to the deal.  Bridge Loans are short term loans usually of 12 months.  This type of loan usually gets paid off with longer-term financing sometime in the near future, or from the sale of the prior property.  As the name implies, it provides a “bridge” from one transaction to the next.

At Sun Pacific Mortgage and Real Estate we have executed many of these loans and funded many a transaction from the “dead deal” pile.  Give us call at 707-523-2099 to explore the ways we may assist you with your next real estate deal.

Property Refinance in Santa Clara, California

santa clara

Property Refinance in Santa Clara, California

I work with many loan Brokers and Realtors.  One of my Brokers called with a transaction he needed to get done for a borrower on a rental property refinance. The clients needed a $770,000 first mortgage at 10% interest only for 2 years – and it was needed quickly as they had to close escrow on a new purchase of a multifamily property.

This Broker is a true professional.  He had already spoken with the clients and had all of the documentation he knew was required for loan approval, which he then forwarded to me.

Within 19 days all transactions were completed – the refinance and the new multifamily purchase!  A very happy home owner indeed.

To be successful, Hard Money loans must be  have speed and flexibility.  In this type of market, with multiple offers, borrowers can benefit from hard money as it fulfills a very real need in real estate buying these days.

Our Santa Clara location’s website can be found here: http://www.santaclarahardmoneylenders.com/

Useful Investment and Real Estate Apps & Websites


The internet has spawned several helpful apps for anyone involved in the real estate world.  I found some to be especially helpful, both in locating and in evaluating possible investment properties.  Below are some of the more notable ones:

  1. Bigger Pockets

This app contains searchable forums where most every question that you can think of has been answered regarding real estate investing.  It is also a great place to meet other investors in your area.

  1. Zillow; Realtor.com; Trulia; Redfin

Zillow, Realtor.com, Trulia and Redfin are great sources to see what properties are for sale or sold in a particular geographical area so that you can better determine the value of a potential investment.

  1. Hammer Point

With this app you can estimate the entire cost of your remodel or repair before  spending your first dime.  A very valuable tool which will help you with the various aspects of your project.

  1. Homesnap

This is an invaluable tool.  With this app you can take a picture of a property and it will give you the address, estimated value, local demographics and more.  Simply take a picture and drive on.   All the details are in your phone for later download.

I hope these resources will prove helpful in better time management and productivity as you pursue your investment goals for 2017.

Why Invest in Real Estate?


The fallout from the recession left some investors less likely to look to the real estate sector as an option for wealth growth.  However, we have witnessed a radical change in the economy and as a result, real estate has once again regained its rightful place as a solid investment in today’s financial world.

Unlike stocks and bonds, real estate is founded on brick and mortar.  A major advantage of real estate investments is the significant portion of return, which accrues either from rental income or appreciation over the long term.

Additionally, investing in real estate has a lower risk factor than other major asset classes.  This allows the investor to lower his/her portfolio volatility.  Financial consultants always advise diversification for their clients.

We have seen that as the economy has grown, the demand for real estate has driven the rents higher and higher, allowing for unprecedented growth in individual capital.

Of course, one of the major drawbacks of real estate investing is the lack of liquidity.  While you might be able to cash in stock overnight for immediate funds,  a real estate transaction can take months even with a competent agent.   Overall, as long as you have built flexibility into your portfolio,  you can be comfortable with some portion of it being illiquid, but producing capital appreciation.

For the past 29 years Sun Pacific Mortgage and Real Estate has provided many investors with the opportunity to invest in Notes.  We regularly have trust deeds available, for property investments throughout California.

If interested in earning 9-12% return, we look forward to working with you.   Please call 707-523-2099 for information on becoming an investor through us.

Jump Start Your Real Estate Project With Hard Money Loan


If you need funds to purchase a property to rehab, buy more investment properties, or buy your own home, hard money lending may be the solution for you.

Hard money lenders primarily look at assets instead of credit scores.  In most cases, if you have at least 35% to put as a down payment or use from existing equity, they will provide you with the capital to bridge the gap in a short amount of time.  Even though hard money carries a higher interest rate than conventional loans, they can offer the springboard you need to jump into the real estate investment world.

Other benefits of hard money lending include:

Quick Approval.   It is possible to get a loan funded in a matter of days as opposed to months.  It some cases this can be a make or break factor.  

Easier Qualification.  Credit scores are not the stumbling block they can be with conventional lending.  You are more than a number with private lenders.

Hard Money Same as Cash.  Many sellers are persuaded to accept an offer that is based on hard money, because It is considered a cash offer, over a traditional loan.
We are here to help you get started in California, so call us with any questions or investment scenarios at 707-523-2099.

What is a Hard Money Loan?

Hard Money loan qualifications are more forgiving than conventional or bank financing and the two basic qualifications are:

#1. Decent existing real estate equity or at least a 25% down payment if a purchase and
#2. An ability to repay the loan.

You could get up to 70-75% of the value of the property. If in Sonoma County, you could get up to 80%. Hard money loans are based largely on equity from real estate assets.

Basically considered all cash, such loans are extra strong and can be used to purchase or refinance fixer properties, bad credit borrowers, irregular income borrowers, large cash-out borrower, someone needing fast cash, short term Bridge loans, etc.

Owners still need to refinance their homes to make home improvements, buy a 2nd home or investment property and Buyers still want to buy even with tarnished profiles. Hard Money is the only option out there if they have been turned down by their favorite bank or mortgage broker or local Lender.

Many people have credit card rates that are 15% to 32% and Hard Money rates average 9% to12% with interest only payments. It will likely cost a bit more than a 30 year fixed rate loan and the rates are higher but it can get you the money you need you have been turned down elsewhere for a refinance or home loan.

We invite you to call us at 707-523-2099 and see how Hard Money will work for your situation. Having worked with many types of loan scenarios since 1988, we are quite experienced, we are honest, fast and our rates are pretty good!

Get Ahead With The Housing Boom In The Bay Area


According to the LMI score (Leading Market Index) economic and housing activity is currently at 98% of its normal level. But for those consumers left behind because of stringent conventional lending regulations, there are Hard Money loans that can allow them to take advantage the real estate boom.

Whether you have an opportunity to enter the real estate market for the first time or to add to a retirement portfolio  by acquiring a rental,  Hard Money loans offer a way to increase our assets and take advantage of this booming real estate market.

With no loan or appraisal contingencies, quick closings and fewer concerns about property condition, Hard Money loans offer both the buyer and the seller reasons to consider the leap into this otherwise unattainable  financial opportunity.

A recent article from Pacific Union (see link below) explains how affordability has improved in seven of the nine Bay Area counties in the last quarter.  Conditions were unchanged in the third quarter in Napa and Solano counties.  Solano and Contra Costa are two Bay Area counties are more affordable than the statewide average.   San Francisco and San Mateo counties however, remain in the higher-end of median home prices and what with the increasing tech companies in the area, this real estate is more and more coveted.  Real estate in Marin and Santa Clara counties equally remained highly valued.  The moral of the story is, one must know how to make the stronger offer to get the home or property they want because the market is so hot and there is no sign of it slowing down.

We at Sun Pacific Mortgage and Real Estate, are a family owned and operated Hard Money Lending Company that has been in business for almost 30 years  and we offer alternative financing throughout the state of California.

Call us at 707-523-2099 with any questions or scenarios and we  will be happy to help!

Pacific Union full article here:


Need To Know Basis – The Shrewd Realtor

money road sign

As a real estate agent you need to know the products out there for the buyer.  I mean loan products.  Everyone and anyone could buy a home during the heyday!  Now there are really only a few loan programs:

  1. The government regulated (Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac, FHA, VA)
  2. The In-House loans (credit unions and local banks)
  3. Lastly “Hard Money”

The government regulated loans such as FHA are regulated – pretty heavily.  The banks and underwriters are worried they may approve a loan incorrectly and get pounced on by the regulators.  This is likely to relax in the coming months and years, though there are some shrewd enough to make such loans appear stronger in offers today.

More in-house loans are being done by credit unions and banks and can appear stronger in offers.  These are not regularly done by Fannie/Freddie or FHA or VA.  They are irregular loans such as lots of acreage, farms, etc.  Local knowledge is really needed for these types of loans.

Hard money is something that has come into its own.   There is little bureaucracy, deals can be approved and closed in just a few days, there’s no red tape as to qualifications and rates are improving with the hot real estate market.  Basically considered “all cash”, such loans are extra strong and can be used to purchase or refinance dump property, bad credit borrower, irregular income borrower, large cash out borrower, Bridge loans, etc.

As you have seen, the housing market values are only going up, but still the current prices are too good to miss out on…so realtors now, more than ever, need to be extra shrewd when helping Buyers’ submit strong offers and also match them with a really good Lender who is extra shrewd.

And to that I say, “Thank goodness for shrewd agents and lenders!”

Top 5 Reasons To Refinance Using Hard Money

top5If you have good equity in your home, you can potentially refinance.  Below are the top 5 reasons one would refinance using hard money, also known as alternative financing:

  1. Remodel your property
  2. Buy an investment property
  3. Consolidate debt
  4. Get ready for the Holidays
  5. Finance kids education

Refinancing one’s home doesn’t only reduce stress it has the added value of increasing your income tax deductions.  The money you were paying out for those non-deductible expenses is now being applied to a tax deductible expense!

We are a local, family owned & operated company who is ready to assist you with your refinance. Call us with your scenarios at 707-523-2099!


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