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Increase The Value Of Your Home

Bird In A Recent Article Published By The Pacific Union, There Are Some Interesting Statistics On The Home Remodeling Dollars Being Spent In The Bay Area. It Appears That It Is At An All-Time High.

In a recent article published by The Pacific Union, there are some interesting statistics on the home remodeling dollars being spent in the Bay Area. It appears that it is at an all-time high.

With housing inventory in shorter supply, many homeowners are opting to improve their present homes instead of risking selling and not finding a suitable replacement. That’s where Sun Pacific Mortgage can come to the rescue!

We offer hard money loans to borrowers who are having difficulty getting a loan elsewhere. Sometimes it is because they have less than perfect credit scores, or it might be that they are unable to prove their income. These situations can make conventional loans impossible. If you are looking to upgrade your home by doing some major renovations, give us a call to explore your options.

We have been a family owned and operated business in Sonoma County for 29 years with many loyal clients and investors. Let us help you make your nest more comfortable by utilizing equity you have in your home.

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