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Crystal Ball Reading for Real Estate in 2017

Crystal Ball According To The Most Respected Real Estate Prognosticators, California Remains One Of The Safest Places To Invest Your Money In 2017.   Several Western Urban Markets Are Still “Red Hot’, And 5 Of Them Are In California.  Realtor.com Has Predicted That Some Cities Will See Sales Growth As High As 5-6%.

According to the most respected real estate prognosticators, California remains one of the safest places to invest your money in 2017.   Several Western urban markets are still “red hot’, and 5 of them are in California.  Realtor.com has predicted that some cities will see sales growth as high as 5-6%.

If you are experiencing or have experienced circumstances that prevented you from obtaining a conventional loan, we have alternative finance programs that assist you to purchase or refinance property.  These are Hard Money loan options, and you will be able to get into the real estate market, improve your property, buy more property and be confident that your investment will grow.

California property has historically been considered a great investment, but never more so than today.  With a little research, you can find that perfect property in an up and coming area or an already highly desirable area.  

We are seeing more investments in properties that need some renovations.  These transactions are well suited to Hard Money loans.  Typically, these deals need a speedy close and will be sold or refinanced within 12-18 months.  The benefits of such a loan outweigh the higher rates and in the long run your overall financial picture will be greatly improved.

For more information about our Hard Money loans in California, North Bay, and San Francisco, give us a call at 707-523-2099.

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