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Feeling The Need For Speed – Private Financing!

Feeling The Need For Speed – Private Financing!Feel The Need? The Need for Speed!

Us again – dropping into your inbox with FAST mortgage solutions.  If you or someone you know are in the need for speed financing – or you’ve been turned down elsewhere for a refinance or purchase loan – give us a call so we can help you, like we did before.

Here’s some recent Borrowers we helped with our Private Money programs:

Recently Funded

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At Sun Pacific Mortgage we are FAST in getting home loans approved and funded with our Private Money programs.   Call today at 707-523-2099 or visit our website www.sunpacificmortgage.com to see how we can help you, or someone you know, get that needed loan done with FAST SPEED!

Fast Direct Loans – Trusted Over 34 Years

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Need A FAST Home Loan?

Are you running into stops or difficulties with loan approval? You won’t have these stops with us!

At our family owned and operated company, we have helped well over 10,000 Borrowers/Buyers with our FAST Private Money Programs – just like below:

Loan of the Week

A Buyer was sent to us by his Agent after being turned down for conventional financing due to debt-to-income ratio being too high.  This Buyer/Borrower was in contract to purchase an investment property in Sonoma County but wanted to access equity from his primary residence in Monterey for the down payment.

Escrow was set to close in 12 days and this client needed a loan of $720,000.  We got right to it and the result was a relieved Agent, a very happy Borrower/Buyer and a joyous Seller because the Escrow successfully closed in such short order!

Call Us at 707-523-2099 or visit our website at www.sunpacificmortgage.com to see how we can help you, a friend or family member.

Can We Make Your New Year Sparkle Brighter?


May Your New Year Sparkle Brighter with Private Money!

Avoid any loan slows or disapprovals by coming to us for a FAST Private Money mortgages that’ll make your New Year sparkle brighter!

Loan of the Week

Program: Investment Property Refinance
Loan Size: 1.07 million
Loan to value: 69%
Location: Santa Clara County
Why Came To Us:  Borrower was sent to us by their Agent as their conventional lender backed out at the last minute, credit not reaching desired level.  They were in Escrow already, to pull cash out of an investment property as the down payment on a new primary residence. They were about to lose out on a new home if this refinance wouldn’t go through.  We didn’t want to let this happen!

Our specialty is speed and those turned down elsewhere.  If you, a family member or friend falls short of qualifying for a conventional loan call us at 707-523-2099 or visit our website at www.sunpacificmortgage.com.  We’ll let you know how we can help to start your New Year off with a sparkle!

Leap Into The New Year Right!

Leap Into The New Year RightLeap Into The New Year Right!

Take advantage of our Private Money Loans and the many benefits:  FAST Refinancing and Purchase Loans + Bridge Financing + Jumbo Loans + Credit issues not a problem!

Recently Funded


If you or someone you know doesn’t qualify for traditional or conventional home loans, how about you send your scenario our way to find out what our Private Money loan programs could do to help you into the New Year strong! Or visit our website at www.sunpacificmortgage.com to see how we can help!


How Affordable is Housing in the North Bay Counties?

How Affordable is Housing in the North Bay Counties

In a recent study, California’s Association of Realtors (C.A.R.) measured the percentage of households that can afford to purchase a median-priced, single-family home in California. This index is considered the most fundamental measure of housing well-being for home Buyers in the state.  Here are their findings for the North Bay Counties as of Q3/2021:


  • Median Home Price:  $930,000
  • Monthly Payment incl. taxes & insurance:  $4,230
  • Minimum Qualifying Income:  $169,200


  • Median Home Price:  $765,000
  • Monthly Payment incl. taxes & insurance:  $3,480
  • Minimum Qualifying Income:  $139,200


  • Median Home Price:  $352,000
  • Monthly Payment incl. taxes & insurance:  $1,600
  • Minimum Qualifying Income:  $64,000


  • Median Home Price:  $554,000
  • Monthly Payment incl. taxes & insurance:  $2,520
  • Minimum Qualifying Income:  $100,000

If you’re in need of a mortgage loan, but do not qualify for a conventional loan from a bank or financial institution, consider a privately funded loan from the Investors at Sun Pacific Mortgage.  Call us at 707-523-2099 to discuss your options or visit our website at www.sunpacificmortgage.com.

Don’t Be Left Out In The Cold!

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Feeling Left Out In The Cold? Don’t Be!

We have a solution for you, a friend or family member who has been left out in the cold as they can’t get the home financing they need: Fast Private Money! Below is just one of the many ways we can help make Holiday merrier:

Loan of the Week

Program: Owner-Occupied Rush Purchase
Loan Size: 1.3 million
Loan to value: 63%
Days to fund: Just 13 days!
Why Came To Us:  Broker from Contra Costa County referred his client to us after being turned down with conventional Lender, due to self-employment.  Buyer had a high FICO and good down payment so it wasn’t difficult to get his loan quickly financed by one our Investors!

With needs for faster refinancing or a desire to create stronger purchase offers, Private Money can give you the edge they need in this competitive market.  Our Private Money mortgages can get you, a friend or family member into a warm Home for the Holidays!

Email your scenario by visiting our contact us page here or Call Us at 707-523-2099 to see how we can help.

Make Your Season Merrier – Loan of the Week!


Financing To Make Your Season Merrier!

Are you in need of a mortgage for a home purchase?  How about a fast Bridge loan?  Private Money Loans can provide FAST Cash!

Let us make your holiday season merrier by helping you get more Buyers into homes – like we did below:

Recently Financed Buyers:

Screen Shot 2021 12 13 at 11.05.59 AM

We can be reached at 707-523-2099 or by visiting our website here, for any of your questions or scenarios.  We’ll quickly let you know what we can do to help make the holiday season merrier for you!

Private Money Mortgage Lending

Do You Know Your Loan Purpose Could Make Or Break Loan Approval

With the Real Estate boom we have experienced over the past couple of years, there is an increasing demand for real estate investments financing. One type of financing for investment properties may come from a private lender, and just like with a traditional lender, the Borrower agrees on a set interest rate and timeframe that they will pay the loan back. With Private Lenders, rates are generally higher and the loan period is shorter. These loans are secured by the property’s equity and if the Borrower fails to make payments on time, just as with a traditional loan, the property can be foreclosed on, and the Lender takes possession.

In most cases, a Private Money Lender will focus more on the value of the property and its potential for returns, rather than the Borrower’s income and/or net worth.

Here are some aspects of borrowing Private Money, also known as Hard Money:

  • Hard Money loans are meant to be short-term, temporary financing. This may be necessary because the Borrower needs a fast close, has difficulty proving income, or has a less than desirable FICO score.
  • The interest rates vary depending on several factors:  Loan To Value primarily then a bit relating to property condition, location, or risk.
  • Percentage points (fees to access funding) will vary but they are never up-front costs.  These are how the Broker is paid.
  • Additional fees include:  Escrow costs, appraisals, wire fees and other miscellaneous administrative fees.

When you are in need of a real estate loan, the following information will be required of you:

  • The Loan Application, also known as a 1003
  • Any signed Purchase Agreement or Copy of Mortgage statement
  • Property Insurance Quote/Insurer’s information
  • Something showing income (bank statement, W2, tax return, CPA letter, etc.)

Sun Pacific Mortgage has been in the business of Private Money lending for 33+ years in California and has the expertise, plus knowledge needed to make your Borrowing experience less stressful. Give us a call at 707-523-2099 or visit our loan programs page to see what we can do for you.

Sleigh What? Fast Home Loan!


We Fund Loans FAST!  After 33 years of experience, we are specialists at FAST Private Money Mortgages.  We’re here to help you, a family member or a friend get that fast home loan for the Holidays.

Loan of the Week

A Sonoma County Agent referred his Buyer to us after being turned down by her conventional Lender, 27 days into a 30-day Escrow.  Despite being very qualified, this Buyer was turned down by Underwriting at the last-minute due to an issue with proof of income.

In just 5 days we had her owner-occupied Bridge Loan of 946k approved and funds ready for her new home purchase!

One of our specialties here at Sun Pacific Mortgage is fast turnarounds, so if you or someone you know is in need of fast financing or having difficulty elsewhere getting a mortgage, give us a call at 707-523-2099 or contact us through our website. We will quickly let you know what we can do to help!

Stated Income Loans from Sun Pacific Mortgage

stated income loans

Experience has left a lot of us shuddering when we hear about mortgages based on “stated income.”  We remember the many Homeowners who fell into foreclosures and ended “upside down” in their mortgages largely because they were clearly unable to afford the mortgages they accepted.

Despite this, more recently one hears about the availability of “Stated Income” loans.  These can have multiple meanings and here at Sun Pacific, we want to be clear how our “stated loans financing” works:

Stated income loans from Private Investors are considerably more stable and credit worthy than the ones of a decade or so ago. We just require something showing income: this could be a CPA letter, employer letter, paystub, lease agreements, 3 months of bank statements, etc.  We also require proof that you, the Borrower, can repay the loan with income from available and stable source(s).

While other financial institutions require an excess of documentation to prove you do not exceed their debt-to-income ratios, need excess bank statements, tax return, etc. our company accepts a simple form of proof that verifies your ability to repay the proposed loan.  We do not have set debt-to-income ratios like majority of the other traditional and conventional entities.

Not having to provide boatloads of documentation makes the entire lending process less cumbersome and allows the loan to move through approvals much faster. For this reason, one can state their income, provide proof of such income and we can then often close a loan in less than a week.

If this sounds like a solution to your concerns, give us a call at 707-523-2099 to discuss a loan for your needs. Or visit our loan program page for Stated Income Loans by clicking here.

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