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No Need To Be Furious or Angry. We Can Get That BIG Loan Done FAST!

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We Can Get That BIG Loan Done FAST

Furious or angry about that big loan not getting approved? Don’t be! Our Hard Money lending programs can finance big loans fast. Make us your first and favorite Hard Money Lender!  Call us today at 707-523-2099 with any questions or scenarios.   APPROVED & FUNDED WITH HARD MONEY: We Finance Despite Credit Issues, Property Condition…

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We Accomplished Our #1 New Year’s Resolution: WE ARE AWESOME

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We can help you or your Home Buyer or Home Seller get that BIG and FAST loan approved and funded

We can help you or your Home Buyer/Home Seller get that BIG and FAST loan approved and funded. Call us at 707-523-2099 and let us help make it happen!

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A Denied Loan Making You Furious?!

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A Denied Loan Making You Furious

No need to get furious because of a denied loan. Get loan approval and fast financing using our Hard Money loan programs! A Real Estate Agent reached out to us in hopes of saving his Buyer’s purchase.  At the last moment the Lender was unable to get final Underwriter approval and Escrow was supposed to…

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Is a Jumbo Hard Money Loan Your Real Estate Answer?

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Is a Jumbo Hard Money Loan Your Real Estate Answer

Many California buyers today face the harsh reality of jumbo loan shopping.  Real estate prices what they are, larger loans are often the only option if you plan to purchase or refinance.  In California a loan is considered “jumbo” when it exceeds $726,525. (For a single-family home in other parts of the country it is…

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Recently Funded – No Need To Be Furious

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HARD MONEY LOANS APPROVED & FUNDED: We Finance Despite Credit Issues, Property Condition & Difficult-To-Prove-Income. And we offer FAST Financing! $798,000 – Temporary Loan For A Purchase (Buyer Had Poor Credit) Petaluma, Sonoma County 70% Loan to value 10 Days to Fund $878,000 – Investment Property Refinance (Remodeling) Santa Ana, Orange County 64% Loan to…

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Promoting Good News – Anti “Miserablism”

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Promoting Good News

We attended the California Mortgage Association quarterly conference in Newport Beach from last Wednesday through Friday.  The Keynote Speaker was noted economist Christopher Thornberg from Beacon Economics.  On the current market place he states…  “This isn’t optimism, there is simply nothing out there at the moment, whether it’s the sell off in the stock market or rising interest…

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Super Agents of Hard Money!

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Super Agents of Hard Money

“Awesome on every level!  Very professional.  Able to secure the perfect loan for my situation.  I highly recommend Sun Pacific Mortgage & Real Estate to anyone needing a hard money loan!  If there were ten stars available to rate with, I would give Sun Pacific all ten!  Thanks guys!!” Borrower J.G.   RECENTLY FUNDED WITH…

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Loan of The Week – Super Fast

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Loan of the Week Super Fast

A Mortgage Broker reached out to us for a client who needed additional funds to complete a commercial property remodel.  He was on a time crunch due to prior contracts with his tenants, so needed a fast loan. The building was in San Fernando Valley and the owner needed $805,000.  Due to property condition, he…

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Can’t Go Wrong With Our Superheroes!

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Cant Go Wrong With Our Super Heros

“They were honest, straightforward, to the point, loyal to the borrowers, and got me a 24-hour turnaround with docs and a full package! Sun Pacific mortgage was very professional and is loyal to their word.  I would recommend anyone to go there for business.” Borrower, C.M.   RECENTLY FUNDED WITH HARD MONEY We Finance Single…

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All Lined Up For Bigger & Faster Loans!

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All lined up for bigger faster loans

Recently a Real Estate Broker had a client in need of fast financing.  His Home Buyer made good income and had good credit, but due to being self employed with difficult to prove income, the prior Lender couldn’t pull through at the last minute. The needed loan was $763,000 for a 70% loan to value…

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