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Loan of the Week – Different With Experts

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Let The Experts Help Get You Loan Approval

Are you frustrated by not getting loan approval for a client?

Let us help!  We do not have any covid regulations and in fact, have only 2 main qualifications:

#1. If buying a property need 25-35% down payment of the purchase price. For any refinance, need good equity.

#2. An ability to repay the loan (source of income).

Loan of the Week

In business for over 32 years now, our Hard Money programs still have less restrictions and faster funding times than traditional lenders!  Give us a chance to help you and your clients, as we did for this Realtor and her Buyer:

A Realtor reached out to us with a client from Santa Clara, needing help with a refinance of $560,000.  Unfortunately, when already in Escrow, the lender who earlier gave loan approval backed out.   This particular client was looking to refinance his current home loan and take advantage of the 70% equity in his house.  He wanted to pull the needed cash out and buy an investment property to turn into a rental.

With considerably less restrictions and faster closing times, we made a Realtor and her Buyer very happy with the money in hand, in less than 12 days!

If you, a client or even a friend need fast financing or are looking to use their existing equity to make debt consolidations, upgrade a home or purchase additional property, give us a call at 707-523-2099. We’ll quickly reply with how we can help.

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