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Alternative Financing for 2015!

Jan 26, 2015 (0) comment , , , , ,

  Alternative Financing  for you in 2015! (Click here or the image above the watch the video) 2015 has begun and Sun Pacific Mortgage and Real Estate is here for you! If you or your clients are in need of a hard money loan or alternative financing, please give us a call today!  We have…

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Creative Financing for the 21st Century

Nov 06, 2014 (0) comment , , , , ,

Alternative Methods for Funding Purchase and Refinancing   Buyers and Borrowers are looking for an alternative way to buy or refinance. The banks just can’t help! We have been in this business in Santa Rosa for over 26 years. We have been through the good times and the bad. We are SURVIVORS. Right now the…

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Superhero Hard Money Lender Saves The Day Again

Oct 14, 2014 (0) comment , , , , ,

  (Click or tap here to watch on YouTube)   Ready To Save More Loans!   The fact is, people still want to buy a home even with tarnished profiles and people still look to refinance their homes to buy another property, do home improvements, get extra cash for the holidays, etc.    Hard Money…

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Get a Head Start on the Holidays with Hard Money

Oct 02, 2014 (0) comment , , , , ,

(Click or tap here to view the video) Mortgage Rates – Its How You View The Outcome As you have seen, the housing market values are only going up.   Despite news about rates increasing, the interest rates are still within the range of 50 year lows!  The bottom in home prices and interest rates has…

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Hard Money Loans Rescue Home Buyers & Home Owners

Sep 18, 2014 (0) comment , , , , ,

  Hard Money Loans Rescue Home Buyers & Home Owners Hello again!   I always like to push the idea of home ownership.  It is still the best financial investment you can make at any time in your life, so don’t give up if you are trying to buy!   In recent Trulia and Keeping…

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Hard Money Rescues Turned Down Loans

Aug 29, 2014 (0) comment , , , , ,

Check out our most recent Hard Money video here:   Hard Money Rescues Turned Down Loans   If you feel like your loan application is drowning, soon to “die” by getting turned down, then you need to watch this video of how I can rescue such a loan. Real Estate loans can be hard to…

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Hard Money Loan Saver

Jun 27, 2014 (0) comment , , , , ,

Check out our most recent Hard Money video here:   Hard Money More Attractive than Ever   Hello, My last blog was the Federal and California report and forecast. I live and operate in Sonoma County so that is the first region I’ll explore.  I would guess that about 33% of the loans I write…

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2014 is the Year of Hard Money Loans

Feb 06, 2014 (0) comment , , , , ,

  2014 is the Year of Hard Money Loans from The Guy in the White Hat Hello, Preview of coming attractions!  I will have a future, more exact  Blog on the recent changes to Hard Money lending – High Cost loans.  For now, I have taken all in stride and will continue to promote Hard…

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Job Growth, Home Sales Will Continue Expanding in 2014 and Beyond

Dec 20, 2013 (0) comment

As Hard Money Broker and business owner this good article to share, mostly highlighting the last bullet points:   Looking ahead, the latest Burns report predicts: §U.S. home prices will rise another 15 percent  from 2014 through 2017. §Home prices will reach “normal affordability levels” in 2015 and then become unaffordable. §Interest rates on 30-year,…

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Hard Money Loans versus Government Loans

Nov 08, 2013 (0) comment

The KCM article caught my attention and this specific excerpt explains why:     The Curious Case of the Jumbo Mortgage By Miranda Marquit, financial writer for on October 16, 2013 in Interest Rates   “Private vs. Government Funding As we move further from the financial crisis, it makes sense to start asking…

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