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Don’t Freak Out And Lose Your Heads!

Dont Lose Your Head Over Hard Money Loans

Don’t freak out over that declined loan!  Let us help you like we were able to do for a local realtor and his real estate investor:

They had just found out the investor had been disapproved for his traditional loan – 10 days before he was supposed to close!  Instead of losing his head, the realtor reached out to us for some help with our fast Hard Money programs.

A loan of $453,000 was needed for no more than 12 months.  This would not only save the Buyer’s earnest deposit but would also rescue his deal.  In just 7 days we had this loan approved and money in hand!

Don’t lose your head over a declined loan!  Call today at 707-523-2099 so we can help get that loan approved and funded.

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