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Loan Approval: Touchdown!

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Recently Funded Hard Money Bridge Loan

With our many loan programs, we can help get that loan approved and score a touchdown for your team!  One of our most popular loan programs is the Bridge Loan. Here are the benefits of getting this type of financing with us:

  • Accessing equity in one house to purchase another, bridging the gap between the sale of one property and the acquisition of another.
  • Having an offer accepted without any contingencies.
  • We look at equity, not credit worthiness.
  • We welcome short- term loans.
  • These are exempt from the “ability to repay” rule.

Recently Funded Hard Money Bridge Loan

Recently, a local Mortgage Broker reached out to us for one of his past borrowers, who was having difficulty proving his income.  The Broker was finding it impossible to secure a loan from his usual sources.

His Buyer wanted to pull cash out of his current home’s equity, as a down payment on another house he wanted to purchase. He needed a loan of $540,000, which we had no problem getting approved.  Within a few weeks, we scored the touchdown for both this Broker and his Buyer!

You can score high points with Buyers & Sellers too, by taking advantage of our Hard Money loan programs.  Call us at 707-523-2099, to find out how we can get that loan approved and a touchdown for you, too!

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