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12 Days of Christmas for Home Sellers

12 Days of Christmas for Home Sellers


Do you want to sell your home but are afraid no one will want it?  As a Real Estate Agent, do you have potential clients who are hesitant to list their house due to the condition of their property?   It’s time to be merry and realize there is no need for worry! I have all-cash Buyers who are ready to close fast, despite condition of the property.


In light of the Holidays, here is my 12 Days of Christmas to cheer up Home Sellers:


On the First Day of Christmas my true love said to me “we have no money to fix the house”. 


On the Second Day of Christmas we thought we could just sell, but we had some major problems – would anyone buy?  On the Third Day of Christmas we decided maybe we could fix it…We only needed a new roof, new windows, new carpet, new kitchen and new bathroom!


On the Fourth Day of Christmas we were in a gloom, we’d never be able to sell…. Just too many problems, too much work needed, no money!


On the Fifth Day of Christmas we had a bright idea!  There are people who want a house like ours because they CAN fix it!  (Uh Oh, the furnace just went).  On the Sixth Day of Christmas we called our realtor and told her our problems.  She said “no problem, you can get a new smaller, nicer, more modern home now that the kids have moved out.”


On the Seventh Day of Christmas she brought us a cash buyer who was ready to close.  Our eyes were all aglow!


On the Eighth Day of Christmas we had to hustle and find a new home!  We dashed around and dashed around all over town! 


On the Ninth Day of Christmas we found our cute little new modern home.  Our eyes how they twinkled with merry cheer and delight.  On the Tenth Day of Christmas we had nothing to do but wait, while our realtor flew like a flash to make this the best Christmas to date.


One the Eleventh Day of Christmas our new home was so near, and our old rundown house was in good hands – with great anticipation we cheered and cheered and cheered!  On the Twelfth Day of Christmas we picked up our keys and thought “MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL AND TO ALL A GOOD NIGHT.”


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If you or a client is thinking of selling a home that needs some “TLC” I have been in the Real Estate business here in Sonoma County since 1988 and can help get that property off your hands with my all-cash buyer who’s ready to close fast!


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